Quit playing games with my hope, Calgary Transit

Calgary Transit and his holiness Nenshi are spinning this whole 4 car C-Train story to make it sound like four car trains are now everwhere in the city. In fact, they’ve been running one-4 car train for over a month now.

Today’s press event is just to announce that they’re adding a SECOND 4-car train to the tracks. It’s progress, sure, but it’s hardly a wide-spread launch of a 33% increase in our train capacity.

It’s another shameless attempt at treating Calgary Transit users like mushrooms — feeding us shit and hoping we believe it.

I’ll be very surprised if the new cars arrive on time, and actually work like they’re supposed to. They have not allowed themselves any buffer time or contingency. The new cars cars were supposed to be here in 2014, then August 2015, and now…they’ll be here early in 2016.

Colour me skeptical.

The only thing that’s consistent is the moving of the goal posts.

Transit and the City lied to us for years over the failed Connect payment system, making us believe it was “just around the corner”…. and now they’re headed to court with the vendor, saying it never worked to begin with.

Shame on Calgary Transit customers for putting up with constant promises, and letting shiny new-choo-choo trains distract us from getting the train & bus service that’s deserving of Canada’s third largest city.

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