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World Records, Disney+, and Crypto Startups: Meet the Student Behind It

Meet Nitin: holder of multiple world records, guest star on Disney+ show The World According to Jeff Goldblum, and, most importantly, a student founder. Although he doesn’t plan on building his career from his two Rubik’s cube world records, he does aspire to build a successful Web3 startup. That’s where Snowball comes in and that’s what I got the chance to speak with him about the other day.

Snowball’s mission is to allow teens to invest in crypto. Currently, most crypto trading platforms do not allow this as they are worried about potential bad press surrounding teens being financially irresponsible. However, Snowball’s solution is to create a platform specifically tailored to this market of tech savvy and future-forward teens to ensure users are being smart with their money.

First, they are creating educational resources for both teens, and their parents, to learn more about crypto, Web3, and how to invest their money safely. They also allow teens to begin with Paper Trading — investing fake money before they start using their own funds. And finally, the parents are in charge of each account, so they can monitor how their children are investing.

Snowball plans to allow commission free trading and make money on the backend through yield farming and anchors. Decentralized finance allows companies like Snowball to lend coins with no middlemen, having people pay high interest rates for this service. But they are still looking into how to best optimize their returns in such a volatile market that is cryptocurrency.

Currently, Nitin and his Co-founders are building Snowball’s MVP and plan to launch the app in the next couple months. If you are interested in learning more about them, visit and you can sign up for their waitlist!

If you want to Connect with Nitin, his LinkedIn is:

Written by: Luca Traverso




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Luca Traverso

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