Medi-Cal Attorney: Avoid Mistakes While Choosing the Program

Families have to stay strong and make hard choices, when it comes to the need of long-term care of a loved one. Mostly, the best care can only be received under expert care in a nursing home facility. The care in such nursing homes comes at a high price and your savings can be shortly exhausted if any other payment forms are not given any consideration.

There are tens of thousands of residents in California that are eligible for Medi-Cal assistance to make nursing home payment. Medi-Cal, a free or a low-cost health coverage program for adults and children serves people with low or limited income sources. Without the proper knowledge about the Medi-Cal program, you can make mistakes in the application process that may potentially lead to the delay in request acceptance or even result in denial in the program.

Stay away from common mistakes while opting for the Medi-Cal program:

Application process: You need to get the benefits on immediate basis and going by the confusion of the application process and other documentation; you can get delayed during the qualification process for the Medi-Cal. There are so many rules related to the health, assets, income and marital status that play important role in determining the eligibility of an applicant for the Medi-Cal program. Since these rules are based on each individual’s situation, these can vary and it is thus best to work with an attorney who is an expert in the field. Among most trusted attorneys, Long Beach Medi-Cal attorney can give you best advice on every aspect of the Medi-Cal program.

Applicant’s assets: Another mistake regarding an applicant’s assets can also be made and he could be denied of the required coverage above a certain point.

Transfer of property: While applying for Medi-Cal coverage, not transferring the real property and leaving it open to estate recovery is another mistake that most families usually make. For example, as the Medi-Cal program pays for the expenses at nursing home; upon the patient’s death, their family may be needed to repay the entire care cost to the Medi-Cal.

For all the legal methods to transfer the assets and genuine property, an attorney familiar with the nursing home such as Long Beach Medi-Cal attorney can best advise you on all matters related. By consulting to an attorney in advance, you can ensure the best way for your family’s exact situation while staying away from all penalties and estate recovery costs. Apart from the legal issues related to Medi-Cal, there are some issues related to the much hyped nursing homes that have increased in number to such an extent that you can’t differentiate between the good and average. Since some of the cases are carried out by some inexperienced people working in such nursing homes, Long Beach nursing home abuse lawyer takes care of the negligence of the staff members that sometimes have also resulted in suspicious deaths. Thus, you can keep your loved ones safe and secure at the hands of these authorities as they will keep check on protecting the rights of patients.


Taking care of your loved ones is easier with help of experienced Long Beach Medi-Cal attorney. You can stay assured of getting financial help from the Medi-Cal program, as the attorneys help you understand every rule about health, assets, income, etc. In case of emergency at the nursing care homes, you also have the option of getting help from proficient Long Beach nursing home abuse lawyer.

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