Material-UI Sustainability Progress Report

Photo by Hello I’m Nik on Unsplash

Last month we announced that Material-UI will take steps towards becoming a more sustainable open source project. A lot has happened since then, and I’d like to catch you up on our progress.


We’ve successfully moved Material-UI from Call-Em-All to mui-org on Github. This move gives the Core Team greater control and independence on the direction of the project. Even though Github will automatically redirect all links to the new repository location, they strongly recommend that you update your remote URLs to point to the new location.

Organizational Governance

Now that we’re functioning as an independent organization, it was important for us to document our organizational governance. This document describes how we govern ourselves, how decisions are made, and how someone could engage with the project. Most of this document just came from writing down what we were already doing. Although, it was definitely helpful to read the Sustain OSS Report and about different governance models.

Funding Towards Sustainability

Material-UI OpenCollective— We’ve set up an OpenCollective page to make it easy for you to support us through contributions and sponsorships. By contributing to Material-UI, you help support office hours, further development, and pay for operating expenses. All funds are managed transparently through OpenCollective and will help us build a sustainable future. Thanks to Facebook and Call-Em-All for already becoming sponsors and several backers for their early contributions.

Olivier’s Patreon— A major motivation for taking steps towards sustainability was to be able to support Olivier’s work on Material-UI. Patreon provides another way for someone to support Material-UI by supporting Olivier directly. Funds donated through Patreon are managed separately by Olivier and are not included in the organization’s OpenCollective account.

Carbon Ads — You may have noticed ads on our documentation site. The revenue from these ads are deposited directly into our OpenCollective account and is a significant step towards our financial sustainability. We believe that ads can be a way to sustain open source development, but the implementation of these ads must be done in an ethical and responsible way.

Help Us Build a Sustainable Future

I feel good with the progress we’ve made in the last month. We hope that you’ll help us build a sustainable future by becoming a sponsor or backer on OpenCollective. Thank you so much for your support. We sincerely appreciate every contribution. You help keep us going!