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Do you want to keep all your records and files completely digitally? Scanning can be a complex process that requires solid hardware, plenty of storage and no small amount of personal dedication. Here’s how Quokky can help you going paperless!

With Quokky, you can store any kind of file, by either uploading to the website or add it with the mobile app. Use your smartphone camera to take a picture of your document: our new crop features resize and reshape images and all kind of file keeping everything perfectly in proportion.

You can also move files from your computer to Quokky and vice versa by dragging and dropping them into your folders. The service automatically and quickly syncs your files across all your devices, so you can access everything, everywhere.

Storing your files in the cloud has many advantages: you can view your files from any phone, tablet or computer that’s connected to the Internet, files are easier to find thanks to simple keywords and, best of all, no more flying papers!

Online storage is an integral part of our life now, but with so many available it’s hard to decide which one to use. We all have our preferences and most of us use more than one service for different purposes. For this reason, Quokky let you decide how and where to store your files because we think that everyone should be free to adopt the systems that suit their method.

Cloud storage is better when it’s unified. Thus, Quokky aggregates all your accounts in one app. You can connect all your cloud storage accounts and email services, and sync your work and personal files to your desktop or smartphone. You can continue using your favorite services and your storage will always be unified and organized. All your contents will be accessible and searchable in only one place!

Feel confident that no matter how big your files are or what service do you use, Quokky can help you get everything into the cloud!

Stay with us to know when Quokky 3.0 will be released!

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