One day in the life of a UX designer

How to collect user experience inspiration

Quokky was born 3 years before this blog existed and it’s just darned awful to think people might miss out what happened in these years. So, just in case you have no idea what’s going on in our Italian startup, this is your chance.

Today we want to introduce you one of the longest-serving veteran in Quokky, Monica. She is our UX designer and hers is a key role in Quokky because it’s all about users feeling good, and giving them a valuable, easy-to-use and pleasant-to-use tool.

You can find her here chatting on Slack or browsing some funny gif on Giphy, spamming all the channels. And about her authentic Native American headdress…we have to admit that working in a startup has its advantages: casual atmosphere and lot of fun.

Anyway, in this post, we won’t talk about how she traced the contour of quokka pictures pressing the paper against the window on a sunny day…Instead, we would like to show and tell you Monica’s process of collecting UX inspiration, her favorite part of her job.

It’s not just about searching inspiration when you need it. As a UX designer, her mind is always on and she’s constantly gathering inspiration and filing it away in her brain. There are a lot of websites out there to give you user experience inspiration. Here’s her selection!


This is the first website she always takes a look at when she open a new tab on the browser. It’s her favorite collection of news and trend about design that helps her stay inspired. Muzli’s audience is mainly comprised of designers, creatives and basically anyone looking for the freshest and most amazing design related content out there.

InVision Blog

She loves this blog as inspirational source not only for creativity but also working method. It contains some of the best UX insight going around. It’s a mix of case studies, tips, interviews and opinion pieces.


It’s a hub for creatives who want to highlight their best work. This is a great source of inspiration because here you can find projects that aren’t primarily web/mobile UX, random animations, and iconography. It provides traditional graphic design and other types of high quality design works that focus primarily on real-world projects.


Some great examples of mobile design patterns. It’s a collection of mobile UX inspiration. When you’re in the mood to explore, take a look at the most recently uploaded projects. Pttrns doesn’t give you the creator’s inspiration, toolkit, or sketches: all you see is the app’s name and screenshots. This puts the focus solely on the design.


It’s an online magazines featuring awesome content about design, photography, technology, pop culture and much more. It delivers the daily dose of inspiration and high quality posts for designers, art directors, creative agencies and everyone passionate about new trends, innovation and creativity.

These are just a few different sites Monica visits for her daily dose of design inspiration. They help keep her updated on what’s going on in the world, and help her stay relevant in the ever-evolving industry within which we find ourselves.

If you’re a UI/UX designer, where do you find inspiration? Leave us a comment, we’re always looking for new ideas and resources!

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