The only time resources you will ever need

Happiness is Quokky-shaped

Written by Sara Crisnaro

Time is now the currency.” - Justin Timberlake in “In Time”

In the movie “In time”, humans have a digital clock on their forearm; when they turn 25, they stop aging and their clock begins counting down from 1 year. Time has become the universal currency, and can be transferred between people or “time capsules”.

What if you were running out of time for real? Would you still waste your time on unnecessary issues?

Sometimes I think about the value of time, because I feel like it’s drifting away. As we live in a society that gives time a subjective measurement, we can only decide how we want to invest it and for what. Am I spending my time on the things that matter? How much time am I wasting on habits that don’t move me towards my goals? Once you have clear in mind what is important for you, make sure not to let it go.

Also little things like archive and search documents can steal us precious time. Can you just image all the hours lost looking for a specific receipt after you moved in the new house?! It’s a frustrating and time-consuming activity. If my time had begun counting down at the age of 25, I would have dead before turn 26, looking for my degree certification…

Now it’s time to take the easy way out! Quokky can help you, giving more free time to simply invest in happiness!

Our mission at Quokky is to give you the means to reach happiness through an hassle-free lifestyle. A technological support for all those annoying activities that you can’t avoid and that make you waste precious time. Because happiness is a keyword in Quokky: it’s our goal, it’s the way we do, it’s what we want to transmit; and of course, it’s the characteristic of our mascot, a quokka.

Try Quokky for an happily ever after!….or better, a Quokkly ever after!

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