Life Discovery: The AAS Framework

Oliver Ding
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9 min readMay 20, 2022


A simple version of the Anticipatory Activity System (AAS) framework

AAS stands for Anticipatory Activity System. The AAS Framework adds the five movements to the basic model of AAS.

1. Unfolding
2. Discovering
3. Modeling
4. Producing
5. Storytelling

This is a simple version of the #AAS4LT framework which has 9 steps.

Now we have three things:

1. The basic model of AAS
2. The AAS framework
3. The AAS4LT framework

Why do we need such different versions of the same idea?

I use the above HERO U to guide my knowledge projects. The HERO U framework presents six types of “Objective of Knowing”.

  • mTheory: Meta-theory
  • sTheory: Specific Theory
  • aModel: Abstract Model
  • cModel: Concrete Model
  • dPractice: Domain Practice
  • gPractice: General Practice



Oliver Ding

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