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Thematic Space: The Art of Continuous Discovery

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The Creative Life is a Journey of Continuous Discovery…

  • Life as a continuous flow
  • Project as a film with a prominent theme
  • Thematic space as a floor plan

The Activity U Project (Phase I)

  • It is an established theoretical tradition.
  • It is an interdisciplinary philosophical framework for studying both individual and social aspects of human behavior.
  • It has inspired many empirical studies in various domains.
  • Its root is in cultural background and psychological research tradition outside North America.

The Activity U Project (Phase II)

The Activity Analysis Project

  • A mini digital knowledge library about Activity Theory and other Social Practice Theories for practitioners.
  • A mini digital magazine about activity-theoretical inspired mini case studies.

The “Activity” Conceptual Space

  • Mediating Instrument
  • Division of Labour
  • Transformation of Object
  • Levels of Contradictions
  • Conceptual spaces
  • Theoretical approaches
  • Practical perspectives

Connecting Theory and Practice

  • Knowledge Curation
  • Action Curation
  • Life Curation
  • Platform Curation
  • Knowledge Card
  • Knowledge Framework
  • Knowledge Diagram and Chart
  • Knowledge Workshop
  • Knowledge Sprint

A Curated Mind

The “Activity” Thematic Space

  • Theoretical Approaches
  • Conceptual Spaces
  • Practical Perspectives
  • Integrated Frameworks
  • Operational Heuristics
  • Practical Phenomena

Taking Attachances

The Context of Activity Analysis

  • The Hegel-Marx-Vygotsky Activity Theories: This is the tradition of Activity Theory
  • The Continental Tradition
  • The Pragmatist Tradition

The Future of Activity Analysis

  • An imagined project: the Activity Analysis project
  • A new concept: Knowledge Center

Appropriating Activity Theory?

  • My Life as a continuous flow: Abstract Container
  • My journey of Epistemic Development: Abstract Container
  • My epistemological framework: Concrete Container
  • An article about mapping my “Activity” thematic space: Concrete Container.
  • What’s next?
  • How about turning the article about mapping my “Activity” thematic space into a book titled Appropriating Activity Theory?
  • How about an offline exhibition titled Life as Activity?




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Oliver Ding

Oliver Ding

Founder of CALL(Creative Action Learning Lab), information architect, knowledge curator.