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D as Diagramming: The Mind as Play Metaphor

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  • Cognitive Representation
  • Cultural Significance
  • Mediating Instrument
  • Ecological Situation

An Aha Moment

Source: Wikipedia

A Metaphor: Mind as Play

  • Objects of Knowing = Actors
  • Perspectives = Stage Lights
  • Domain = Stage
  • Situational: a shopping list, travel, negotiation, sending a gift, cooking a meal, etc. These are all about concrete daily life activities.
  • Emotional: joy, fear, surprise, sadness, anger, disgust, etc. These are all about feelings and intuitions.
  • Rational: form, category, relation, change, causality, probability, degree, frequency, cycle. These are all about the laws behind things.
  • Foundational: time, space, matter, information, and trust.

The Ecological Approach to Visual Perception (James J. Gibson, 1979)

  • Object of Knowing: Visual Perception
  • Domain: perceptual psychology

The Ecological Approach to Perceptual Learning and Development (Eleanor J. Gibson and Anne D. Pick, 2000)

  • Object of Knowing: Perceptual Learning and Development
  • Domain: child development psychology

An Epistemological Framework

  • The “Architecture” area connects my work experiences in Information Architecture and my learning of cognitive science.
  • The “Relevance” area connects my work experiences in advertising/media/marketing and my learning of semiotics/communication study/culture study.
  • The “Opportunity” area connects my life experience in my kids’ childhood and my learning of ecological psychology’s Affordance theory and my own work the Ecological Practice approach which was born in 2018.
  • The “Activity” area connects my work experience in various domains and my learning of Activity Theory.
  • Situational: Abstract v.s. Concrete
  • Social: Self v.s. Other

Architecture: What is it actually?

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Source: Wikipedia

Opportunity: How can I do with it?

A carpool hangtag (Oliver Ding, 2019)

Relevance: How do you understand it?

2019 Art Car Winner: Wendell by Joe Haden (Source: Houston Art Car Parade)
Photo by Elizabeth Villalta on Unsplash

Activity: What can we do together?

Photo by Joshua Hoehne on Unsplash

Method Matters

  • Architecture: Modeling + Computation
  • Opportunity: Observation + Curation
  • Relevance: Interruption + Narrative
  • Activity: Analysis + Intervention
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Is Mind a Product or a Process?




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Oliver Ding

Oliver Ding

Founder of CALL(Creative Action Learning Lab), information architect, knowledge curator.