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Peirce’s Categories and Quasi-social Interactions

Charles Sanders Peirce (1839–1914)

Originality, Usefulness and the Thirdness

One, Two, Three: Fundamental Categories of Thought and of Nature (Peirce, 1885)

What did I learn from this conversation?

Don’t curate too many concepts

It takes time to learn theories

Quasi-social Interactions could matter

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  • Firstness = individual, zero interaction with others, no judgement, base, foundation, core, perception…subjective creativity…Genidentity
  • Secondness = intersubjective, interaction with others, communicative, relation, context, situational actions…intersubjective creativity… Attachance
  • Thirdness = collective, form, order, structure, whole, background, law…objective creativity…Curativity
The process of creating a work of art (Nicole Everaert-Desmedt, 2016)
schematic representation of creative activity in the case of designers
Peirce’s Alpha Graph




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Oliver Ding

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