Life Strategy: Taking Opportunities and Long-term Response

Oliver Ding
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19 min readDec 12, 2022


Using the Strategic Curation model to discuss the concept of “Opportunity”

This article is part of a possible book Advanced Life Strategy: Anticipatory Activity System and Life Achievements. I consider the Strategic Curation model as a part of the possible book.

The Strategic Curation Model is a five-space model.

  • Experience Space: It refers to the facts of the Past.
  • Challenge Space: It refers to the problems in the Present
  • Response Space: It refers to the solutions for the Future
  • Reference Space: It refers to reliable and validated knowledge for thinking
  • Speculative Space: It refers to imaginative thinking such as Counterfactual Thinking about the Past and Prefactual Thinking about the Future.

What does Strategic Curation mean?

It refers to using a specific strategy to curate pieces of experience, knowledge, and resources into a meaningful whole for a better future.

You can find more details about the model in the following links

This article will discuss the concept of “Opportunity” with the Strategic Curation model.

The difference between some strategic frameworks and the Strategic Curation model is the latter is a “Map”.

The Strategic Curation model doesn’t offer a particular framework for Strategic Cognition.



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