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D as Diagramming: The Opportunity Formula

The Starting Point of a framework

Reflect on other sweet spots

The Nest Way: Individual and Collective

The Opportunity Formula

  • Personal Issues: I can’t find “Google Wifi” on the App Store.
  • Problems of Domain: How to design the Self-installation Activity?
  • Agenda of the Times: What kind of tech news should be considered as common sense?
  • Physical Containers
  • Social Containers
  • Cognitive Containers

Search for Opportunities

  • Opportunity: Green. It refers to hope and growth.
  • X: Blue. It refers to rational thinking.
  • U: Red. It refers to passion and purpose.
  • Y: Yellow. It refers to social practices.
  • Z: Green. It refers to ecological context.




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Oliver Ding

Oliver Ding

Founder of CALL(Creative Action Learning Lab), information architect, knowledge curator.