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D as Diagramming: The Dialectic Room and Value Engagement

  • Corner and Zone
  • Center and Context
  • Corner: The Dialectic Room
  • Zone: The Interactive Zone
  • Center and Context: The Hierarchical Loops

The Interest Corner

  • Interest: the core of the corner
  • Form and Brand: two themes
  • Form: visual information which presents the look, structure, dynamics, size, color, etc. It offers clues for perceiving a product’s functions. In other words, what does it look like?
  • Brand: narrative information which presents the emotions, cultural values, stories, rhetorical messages, ranking, word of mouth, etc. This type of information offers clues for evaluating a product’s reputation. In other words, can I trust it?
  • Self and Other
  • Similarities and Differences
  • Storytelling

The Exchange Corner

  • Decision and Context
  • Emotion and Reason
  • Negotiating
  • When: buy it today, buy it next weekend, or three months later…
  • Where: buy it from a particular local store, or buy it from a particular online store…
  • Who: buy it alone, buy it with friends, or buy it with a group of others…
  • How many: buy one, buy a particular one, or buy an amount of the product…

The Benefit Corner

  • Positive benefits: the product offers values that help the consumer achieve his life goals.
  • Negative benefits: the product can’t work well.
  • Designed and Found
  • Affordance and Supportance
  • Acting

Can a consumer really own his life world?

  1. A consumer’s life world is supported by a network of owned products and owned values.
  2. The consumer can buy some values offered by-products without buying these products. In this matter, he owns these values.
  3. The consumer’s actions are supported by his owned values.
  4. The consumer can create emergent values by curating fragmented values as a meaningful whole.
  5. The consumer can support others by selling or sharing emergent values.




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Oliver Ding

Oliver Ding

Founder of CALL(Creative Action Learning Lab), information architect, knowledge curator.