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How many times do you wish you had a simple platform to quickly share your perspective with like-minded peers? Maybe it’s a short video recap on what you built for Call for Code. Maybe its a written account of your contribution to one of the Call for Code open source projects. Maybe it is what you have learned talking to first responders and other SMEs on the biggest problems your community face.

Call for Code Daily is just that platform. Our goal is to build a global community of voices from across the Call for Code ecosystem, whether you are a developer, NGO, data scientist or just have an interest in solving some of our most pressing issues such as climate change and COVID-19.

This platform is for you to share your stories. We even have writers on hand that can gather your story and craft it into that masterpiece you just don’t have time to create yourself.

Joining the Call for Code Daily community takes just a few minutes. Follow these 3 easy steps:

  1. Create a profile on Medium
  2. Contact us at with your @profile name with Call for Code Daily in the subject telling us what you would like to contribute, whether that’s your motivation for getting involved in tech for good, an overview of what you’ve updated on one of the open source projects
  3. The next step is actually on us: we’ll contact you and ask you some simple questions to get started on planning out content and getting you onto the editorial calendar

That’s all there is to it. Start sharing now!



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