Infosys’ Team “BlokCorona” answers the call

Blockchain, Analytics and AI integrate for a digital contact tracing and outbreak management solution

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Prolonged lockdowns to control the spread of the COVID-19 virus have led to larger socio-economic consequences. Governments are looking for ways to reopen the economy and quickly get back to business as usual, but are anxious about the pace at which the virus can spread. With test kits in short supply and no indications of herd immunity or a vaccine, contact tracing — a disease surveillance program, is being adopted to proactively arrest virus transmission through identification of COVID-19 positive cases and perform analysis of their suspected contacts. While this is helping, the process remains largely manual and not as efficient as public health officials had hoped it would.

As part of the 2020 Call for Code Global Challenge, Team “BlokCorona” was selected as a top team in the OPENHACK COVID-19 Initiative by the Infosys Open Source Practice. The team was determined to leverage evolving technology to assist in addressing the challenges associated with contact tracing and COVID-19 outbreak management, alleviating the fear and anxieties associated with the pandemic spread — epitomizing #TechforGood.

The solution

The team leveraged IBM Cloudant, Cloud Functions, RedHat BRMS, IBM Watson Assistant and Watson Studio to develop a digital platform to comprehensively trace, track and manage COVID-19 cases and susceptible patients. The platform includes advanced analytics capabilities to conduct COVID-19 case-contact network analytics, identify the virus epicenter, and analyze hotspot and transmission rates within communities. This solution will help state policy makers and epidemiologists gain real time insights about the virus spread, monitor the outbreak situation and take proactive control measures. In addition to these capabilities, the platform utilizes the IBM Blockchain Platform to establish a trust-based system of collaboration with immutable data. This enables sharing of COVID-19 information across networks and stakeholders, helping agencies take concerted actions to arrest the spread of the virus.

Hence, Infosys Epidemic Surveillance Suite platform is not just a contact tracing system but a comprehensive disease surveillance and outbreak monitoring platform designed as a “system of systems” comprising of four key systems: System of Transactions, System of Insights, System of Collaboration and System of Engagement.

A glimpse at the solution

Team “BlokCorona” exemplifies what can happen when transformative ideas meet a global platform like Call for Code that can bring them to life. Stay tuned to Call for Code Daily to learn about solutions like these, and find out how they are developing.

Feeling inspired? You have until July 31 to submit your solution to the 2020 Call for Code Global Challenge.



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Rajib Deb

Rajib Deb


Associate Vice President and global head of architecture for the Modernization practice at Infosys.