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Announcing Android & Major New Features for Creators and Listeners

Today we’re excited to announce our new Android app and several major upgrades to the Callin platform, including a brand-new website, soundboard, powerful post-production tools, and more. Together, these features bring us closer to our goal: to be the obvious choice for anyone to launch a podcast.

Android App

You asked, and we answered! An Android app has been the number one request since we launched Callin, and we’re extremely excited that users of the largest mobile platform in the world can now access the full Callin experience. Download the app here.

Introducing Callin for Android, now available in the Google Play store.

Brand-New Website

While the full Callin experience is available on our mobile apps, we realize that there is no stand-in for a website. We’ve completely redesigned our website, which now features a beautiful home page for each show, a complete listening and discovery experience for listeners, and soon, powerful editing tools for creators who prefer to work with a browser instead of the Callin app.

Enjoy your favorite shows on

Integrations with Apple Podcasts and Spotify via RSS

Callin, at its core, helps people easily create high-quality audio shows. Very soon, creators will be able to automatically distribute their shows to Spotify and Apple Podcasts via RSS as podcasts with a single click, reaching millions of listeners. Creators can use the Callin platform and tools to produce amazing, engaging content, and we make sure they can meet their audience wherever they prefer to listen.

RSS integrations allow for greater distribution of content.


To give hosts maximum creative freedom and flexibility over their work, we’re very excited to announce our new soundboard. Hosts can now add music, sound effects, and even Callin highlights to their live rooms. This means that it’s easier than ever to include audio, remarks, or context from other episodes into your own rooms! Creators can also make their soundboard public so that they can share their sounds with the broader Callin community.

Add music, sound effects, and Callin highlights to live rooms.

Powerful New Post-Production Tools

Callin already offers powerful transcript editing, allowing creators to easily edit their podcasts in just a few minutes. Over the past few months, we’ve worked hard on significant upgrades to this feature: transcripts are now annotated with speaker information, hosts can add titled chapters to their episodes, and simple toggles allow hosts to normalize audio volume and automatically eliminate dead space from their episodes. With only a handful of clicks and the help of intelligent editing, creators can turn interactive live audio rooms into studio-quality published podcast episodes.

Powerful tools to help creators produce quality episodes.

Local Recordings

Whenever a room goes live, the app automatically records a high-quality version of every speaker. During publishing, the app uses these recordings to give studio-level audio quality to the published episode. No matter how strong a host’s internet connection is during the live room, their published episodes will be flawless.

Live Chat

We already make it easy for listeners to engage with their favorite hosts through the caller queue. Very soon, they’ll be able to express themselves through live chat. During a live room, listeners, hosts, and guests will all interact with each other in a live comment feed.

Status Updates

Creators and listeners can now post status updates to their followers or their show’s subscribers. This is a great way for creators to notify followers and audiences about upcoming episodes, show changes, or anything else!

Follow us on Twitter @getcallin and Instagram @callinapp, download the app today in the Apple App Store or Google Play Store, or visit to start listening now!




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