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Creators Assemble! Glenn Greenwald, Matt Taibbi, Briahna Joy Gray, Antonio García Martínez, and Andray Domise Sign Exclusive Partnerships with Callin

Why leading independent thinkers, writers, journalists, and creators are choosing Callin as their podcasting platform.

I’m excited to announce that Callin recently welcomed a group of exciting new creators to the platform — Glenn Greenwald, Matt Taibbi, Briahna Joy Gray, Antonio García Martínez, and Andray Domise. These prominent thinkers, authors, journalists, and commentators will bring their diverse points of view to life in new shows, hosted exclusively on Callin.

New shows from leading creators, exclusively on Callin

These shows include:

  • The Glenn Greenwald PodcastGlenn, an independent journalist and author, will use his Callin show to host commentary, reporting, and interactive discussions with his engaged audience.
  • TK Live by Matt Taibbi — Matt, an award-winning author, and journalist, will hold discussions based off of the investigative reporting he publishes on TK News on Substack, and engage in Q&A with guests and audience members at regular times each week
  • The DEBRIEF with Briahna Joy GrayBriahna Joy Gray, journalist, attorney, and former National Press Secretary for Bernie Sanders 2020, will host a show debriefing the day’s pop culture and political happenings.
  • The Pull Request by Antonio Garcia Martinez — Antonio, a technologist and best-selling author of Chaos Monkeys, covers technology, culture, and religion from the point of view of “a lapsed Cuban Jewish(ish) technologist.”
  • Unredacted by Andray Domise and Glenn Greenwald — Andray, a Marxist-Leninist Pan-African journalist and writer, will host his own show in addition to co-hosting “Unredacted” with Glenn Greenwald, a show covering global politics, and surveillance and privacy issues in tech through two political lenses.

A Broad Range of Categories

Politics and society are not the only categories on Callin. New shows spanning comedy, sports, true crime, business, technology, gaming, food, health, education, history, entertainment are sprouting up on a weekly basis. We’re also excited to welcome new creators across all categories, including:

  • Ask Jay Live by Jay Jones, a successful serial entrepreneur who will answer the audience’s entrepreneurial questions live every Tuesday @ 12pm ET/9am PT.
  • Living Cheap by Katie Boyle, a weekly show on how to survive in NYC on a budget, from an Irish comedian immigrant & her guests.
  • Mike Fit Talks by Michael Eckert, is a podcast on fitness and life.
  • I’m Such an Idiot by Caroline Baniewicz, a comedy show that digs into those moments when you feel like the only person in the room who doesn’t know about a topic.
  • From the Crown Down by Troy Brooks, will explore the minds and behaviors of some exceptional individuals including athletes, activists, entrepreneurs, wellness professionals, and parents.
  • Red Cup CFB Show, by Alex Anstead, is a weekly podcast featuring guests who are some of the top names in college football.
  • The Tailgate Podcast, by Michael Quattronmani, is a sports show all about football, hosted weekly on Tuesdays and Thursdays.
  • The Diff by Byrne Hobart, will dig into the topics of finance and technology.
  • First Fates by Jarry Lee, explores how luck has played a role in guests’ careers and personal lives. Bonus — Jarry will be doing live tarot readings on air. Launching December 2021.
  • Hatched by Melisa Tokmak & Noor Siddiqui, centers on two women from Silicon Valley talking about their philosophy and plans about fertility, including facts about egg and embryo freezing, IVF, and more.
  • The Legal Brief by Misty Marris and a co-host will be a weekly rundown of the top true crime stories, most talked about trials, and biggest high profile legal cases.

Why Creators Are Choosing Callin

Top creators are choosing Callin as their exclusive platform for podcasting because of its unique ability to engage live audiences, keep creators in control, and remain easy to use:

Audience engagement

Media and content today are no longer a one-way dialogue. In today’s digital media landscape, discourse, debate, conversation, and commentary — expressing both opposing and supporting viewpoints — are essential to create engaging content and build your audience. Callin supports creators that want to be accountable, answer tough questions and get feedback: they tell us that the ability to interact with listeners is one of Callin’s most standout features. Indeed, this interaction and engagement coupled with long-tail podcasting is unprecedented.

Creative control

Every creator wants control over their content. The freedom to express opinions, explore topics on their own terms, and create content outside of the traditional boundaries of existing media systems is core to Callin’s mission. Callin allows creators and their audiences to share their expertise, opinions, and ideas, while engaging in live conversation. By design, Callin gives show hosts creative and practical control over their rooms and the topics discussed. Hosts decide who can and cannot speak in a room and what content is ultimately published. All content must adhere to the Callin community guidelines.

Ease of use

Developing, producing, editing, and distributing a traditional podcast is costly and time-consuming, requiring special equipment, software, and editing skills. While ther platforms for sharing content — newsletters, blogs, social, video — has been simplified and streamlined, podcasting has lagged behind. A full-stack podcasting platform, Callin creators can start a show and record, edit, publish, and distribute episodes without costly equipment or time-intensive editing required. Because it’s so easy to use, Callin is the ideal complement to creators’ other channels for written, video, and social content publishing.

About Callin

Callin is the first “Social Podcasting” platform where users can create, discover, and consume live and recorded audio content in one place. It combines the best aspects of social audio — live conversations and social discoverability — with the best of podcasting — a library of quality, episodic content that users can listen to any time.

Download Callin in the Apple App Store (Android coming soon).




The easy-to-use, all-in-one platform for podcasters

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