Essentials for the Modern Entrepreneur: Callingly

Don’t start without these essentials

Welcome, reader!

If you were drawn to the title of this article, that most likely means one of two things:

  1. You are an entrepreneur yourself.
  2. You are a soon-to-be entrepreneur.

However, even if you don’t fall into one of those categories, feel free to stick around! This post is the first in a series discussing tools or resources that anyone from a bootstrapped entrepreneur to a high-ranking professional may find useful for their business or personal life. So sit back, relax, and hopefully you’ll learn something new to make your life easier.

Now today’s tool for discussion will be (drumroll please…)… Callingly!

What is Callingly?

Callingly is an up-and-coming startup with a simple value proposition -

Turn your phone number into a private link you can safely share anywhere online.

Seems simple enough, right?

How much does it cost to use?

At the moment, Callingly has 3 main pricing plans that can be billed monthly or annually (as seen in the table below):

What can you do with Callingly?

I kid you not reader when I say that the question you should be asking is what you cannot do with Callingly. The following are just some of the most relevant use cases that I could think of for a bootstrapped entrepreneur.

You as an awesome founder, customer service agent, IT person, and recruiter.

Customer Service

Every good company needs good customer service in order to maintain its relevance and friendly image, and creating a good customer service model requires a solid way for future and present consumers to contact your company when necessary. Luckily, one memorable link for all customer service calls can help streamline the process to ensuring that your customers have a direct line to you or your designated support team. While not necessary with a smaller company, upgrades to PRO or TEAM status will also allow for call recordings, which can help with quality assurance as you scale in the future.


You, networking like a pro

As virtually every entrepreneur knows, networking is an essential activity towards you and your company’s potential success. With the right URL, a Callingly link can be much more memorable than a phone number, and you can easily get it printed onto a QR code for people to scan whenever or wherever (i.e. for business cards, placecards, etc.). Additionally, with how easy it is to modify your Callingly links and phone numbers, you can ensure that everyone has your most up-to-date contact info by giving out the same link while updating the phone number the Callingly link directs to.

Additionally, for those who work for multiple startups, industries, or other cases where one might have to separate between different network connections, one can have multiple Callingly links (up to 3 even in the free bill plan) to help easily differentiate who is calling for what reason.

Ensuring You Have a Life (Outside of Work)

Yes, as an entrepreneur, you have obviously signed away a large portion of your soul and personal life to the devil that is your business — but that doesn’t mean you cannot take steps to ensure you still have some form of a life outside of work. Callingly’s “Do Not Disturb” feature can allow you to easily determine when and from whom you’ll be taking calls from at any given moment in time. You also have the ability to set your availability schedule so you don’t always have to manually set your link to “Do not Disturb.” For instance, if you give everyone outside of the company a different Callingly link than the one you use internally, you can choose to direct all calls to voicemail to be dealt with at a later time.

The voicemails will be there for you to check tomorrow, but for now, you can let Callingly handle it.

Security & Privacy

Of course, one of the obvious value propositions of Callingly is the security of no longer having to pass out your personal phone number. Especially as you continue to expand your network, it can be difficult to keep track of who has your contact information. While people can still contact you through Callingly, maintaining that control over when people can directly reach you helps maintain a solid sense of privacy.

“The less security, the better” — no one ever.


Obviously at the very beginning stages of a startup, recruitment and interviewing may not necessarily be top priorities. However, after the initial scale, it’s important to consider standardized methods for growing your team. Callingly’s scheduled calls and integrations with various calendar apps like Google Calendar will allow you to easily coordinate interview scheduling and calls. Additionally, with the option of call recordings, Callingly may make it easier for you and your team to go back and review what your interviewees said. A good team starts with strong recruitment, and Callingly could help establish those initial recruitment practices and standards.

… and more!

While Callingly has a lot of possible use cases, its ability to integrate with Zapier is possibly one of the strongest value propositions in my opinion.

In case you’re unaware, Zapier is a platform online that allows you to automate tasks from a wide variety of services from Google Calendar to Spotify or Asana to connect a series of actions when a “trigger” is called. By using Callingly’s services, Zapier can allow you to use a new call or voicemail as a trigger — or it can automate scheduling or making a call after you specify a given trigger.

Because of the wide varieties of combinations possible, the applications are virtually endless. Some examples include…

  • Automate a scheduling a task in Asana to check your voicemail whenever a new one comes in.
  • Add a trigger to automatically save all of your voicemails to Google Drive.
  • Start novel programs like Voicemail Pitch competitions or Chewbacca Impersonation contests.
  • Even have Spotify Rick Roll you before anyone on your team has a scheduled call.

DISCLAIMER: I would not recommend automating a Rick Roll if you plan to stay sane in the office… But it makes for a fun prank now and again.


Callingly has a lot of potential for a wide variety of applications for any entrepreneur at any level of growth with their startup. The benefits and possible use cases listed above are just some examples of the way this service can be applied, and with the freemium plan, it’s easy for even the most bootstrapped entrepreneur to try it out and see if the platform works for them. Additionally, as more and more users utilize the service in creative ways, it’ll be interesting to see what just a simple link can do.