I Just Used Callingly For The First Time

And it felt kinda good…

I’ve been a fan of Callingly from the time Leon told me about it. I saw the value from the get go, knowing this wasn’t just another SaaS software that I’ll forget about in a month. It’s safe to say that I am a fan. With all of that though, I haven’t actually used it in my day to day grind…until now. I want to tell you about my experience using Callingly for the first time.

“Can We Hop On A Call”

I got this email today. Usually, I would just say something like 
sure, call me any time” and give out my number. Right now, the norm is to give out a number, not a link. I never feel that safe giving out my number though. I don’t know what the other person, Gmail, or the internet will do with that number…but giving out your number used to be the only way to get someone to call you.

Well, this time was different. Instead of giving out my email, I hyperlinked a word in a very short sentence.

That was it. It took 10 seconds. I’m not worried about my number getting scraped from the internet. I’m not worried about him spamming my number or giving it to my sales friends. I’m not worried about getting a call during my big meeting today because it’s set to do not disturb. It’s all controlled.

I don’t know if I have a word for it.





I don’t know, but this software makes me feel some sort of way, and I can’t say that for most software. I’m interested to see where Callingly ends up and i’m even more interested to see how others react to using it for the first time.

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