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Pamela JC
Pamela JC
Jan 1, 2019 · 6 min read
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The Seventh Seal, Santa Muerte, Costa da Morte: As the United States Space Command becomes the universal symbol of death, what will we nickname it? Something deadly, like Mr. Muerte! Can I light you a fire Mr. Muerte?

Despite lengthy diatribes and church publications against Militarization in the Information Age (1986, World Council of Churches, Geneva) or Project Ploughshares, most of the Christian organizations against military in space for warfare don’t know how to have a frank discussion on the militarization of information already in use in property deprivations. The outcome of most of this manipulation of information or dataveillance is death. Makes it hard to get witnesses.

Decades later, it ensures no witness will be heard.

I started speaking out against militarization and dataveillance in a Title VII action against the New York Times newspaper in Lakeland, Florida. The special Magistrate in the Middle District Court of Florida, at a pretrial hearing in 1990, ruled issues of electronic surveillance and data manipulation by a newspaper in retaliation would be part of the trial.

The United States Government sent a Judge from the Eastern District of Virginia’s Rocket Docket. In a throw of the dice he nixed that and wasn’t even allowing a computer in the courtroom. The newspaper had them in the newsroom.

In the 1980s this newspaper was sending their news via satellite to Europe. Crippled and blind Federal Courts went on like that for decades.

2009 to 2019 Florida, a decade of surveillance & death benefits the State of Florida again. My mother died twenty years after I filed my Title VII civil action against a New York Times newspaper in the Middle District Court of Florida. By the time I filed in 1989 she and I were in it together. By 1999 we had seen a decade of violence and state retaliation. I would not be silenced and the paper, I now use to pick up shit, could not handle the truth. They were as dirty as the Sheriff they ousted from office in central Florida in the 1980s.

My car was rear-ended by a young woman, not at all sorry, straight out of my mother’s homestead. I wasn’t completely surprised she wasn’t sorry and that it was used to victimize me while I was trying to recover. A young “friend” of my brother wanted to see me raped. Another “friend” killed his dog.

I chose to keep what I love safe, leaving my brother with them. He was safer with me gone, they were jealous. We worked together in business at home most of our lives with our family.

I chose to keep my cats close so they would be safe. I fled one morning as their drug use escalated, still with injuries, in my unsafe car. I had been with him only to wait for the estate check from the courts, so had his “friends”.

This is how I lived with six cats from October 2016 — October 2017, moving constantly. We lived in tents at state parks, at a church, and in a Church. Public workers used extortion and death to deprive me of individual property rights, liberty and free speech.

By the time I left the church the place I lived in had been hovered over by drones and helicopters when I was out back with cats. The timing was bizarre and so were the local police.

In the history of the courts the progress towards using computers was so slow it left the courthouses with brain damage that diminished their capacity to understand how business corruption has been protected by the court’s retardation.

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Prince, Feb. 2011- May 2018. Rest in Peace.

In May of 2018, after two years out of my mother’s estate, put under the water plate by developers, I was still struggling to escape property deprivation, death threats, lack of health care and sleep, public corruption and housing extortion when Prince, left, died in his sleep at his vet’s office.

My cats and I had not left each other since they were born on February 3rd, 2011. Born at my mother’s estate/homestead the runt of the kindle would die, in a short three days, from liver damage. She died in a flooded home one week in 2015 when our subdivision flooded. I was fighting, not the foreclosure, but silence.

Silence on the part of public workers, like the County Courts about black mold, constant flooding, sewage problems and lack of regulation of the developers that put my part of a subdivision under water constantly. This happened in my neighborhood so constantly that exactly when it rained I was let off jury duty. No household had been situated worse than ours.

The State of Florida has learned to continue to make money off foreclosures. People, caught up in public hazing, began to like the fact that someone else was dying or in pain. Regulation of speech by the state, using military based technologies and satellites can be compared to a slap suit. It suppressed all claims that the state might have to pay, by turning one group of oppressed individuals upon another. Even simple phone services were deliberately jammed to deny essential services to victims.

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This Southern Flannel Moth is smaller than a dime. Yellow fluffy fur is a poison and their self-defense.

Satellite surveillance can be used to suppress free speech more effectively than any slap suit. The militarization of information means using false facts to provoke one group to attack another. The rise in the belief nobody has a unique claim is another false fact.

Poison defamation and Stasi tactics, neighbors reporting on other neighbors, are frequent in subdivisions where foreclosures are repetitive. This was an economic boom for developers and contractors. Turning houses has bolstered employment for the legal profession at courthouses and in creative financing worldwide in Florida. The redistribution of wealth and fraud on the courts continued longer in Florida than in most the nation. Read the legal trades to see that very few lawyers fought the system.

There was no place where suppressing evidence of the health effects of mold, chinese drywall or poor drainage in a county was more efficient than in the medical field. The records of sick children are not public.

The State refuses health care and denies disability benefits particularly to victims of property rights deprivation where state agencies are gaining from more money and benefits. Hiring uneducated public workers, they train employees to repeat certain statements again and again. This is particularly useful in the state’s public health departments. Workers are cloned to fill out computerized forms that misrepresent medical facts by omitting community health problems.

I was told by a former State of Florida employee, I should do the harder and more dangerous labor at the church because she was “diagnosed” with Rheumatoid Arthritis.

I have advanced RA. I took care of my mother who was diagnosed with it. We had two generations of women in my family, diagnosed with it. The State of Florida refused to give me a blood test that would prove I am RA positive. They did want me to get a mental exam. I refused to do the hard labor they needed. This is a fact of what goes on in the state, manipulation and retaliations for not having sex under surveillance.

I am crippled now.

In the week before my brother died, September 17th, 2018, I tried to encourage him to apply for disability. He was very sick. Two years ago I thought I would never see him alive. I looked at jail records online to see if he would show up anywhere. He said, I know too many people who had been refused health care by the state.

My brother was certain he would never get health care in the State of Florida. He gave up. He died a few days later in a fall, one of many falls. This time it was fatal.

Break the silence. Talk about the technology, learn the new language of oppression and militarization of your data, your information. Everyone has a different set of facts. The differences are why they want people silenced.

Some of us have legal standing against the government.

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Life in a tent with six cats. My family is a joy.

Arts and storytelling should bring clarity or catharsis to people’s lives, not confuse life. Like the actor who is second generation reading off a piece of paper, you never get a life of your own to succeed at if you don’t focus on what makes each sound, every art, each person different in a calliope of noise.

Burn the place down, Muerte.


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