How A Student is Combating Sexual Assault, One Click at a Time

One afternoon, a video went viral among the staff at Callisto. It became the source of great interest, pride and maybe even one or two watery eyes. A student at Coe College had created a video to promote Callisto’s online reporting system for sexual assault on their campus.

We reached out to the student, a freshman named Dakota Helm, to learn more about him and the project.

What inspired you to create the video?

I initially began this project as a final for one of my classes, and at first, I struggled with finding a subject. Then I remembered seeing these Callisto posters around campus. I knew almost nothing about this program, but I had seen the posters everywhere in the residence halls.

So I researched it more and more and began falling in love with the idea of promoting it. My inspiration came from an essay I wrote in high school about rape and sexual assault on college campuses and ways to prevent it. The subject had jumped out to me after reading an article about Emma Sulkowicz and the events that ensued at Columbia University.

Fast forward to this year. The video soon became something I wanted to reach outside of my classroom. It seems that many of the statistics I researched still have not changed since I saw them two years ago. That’s why I believe we should bring immediate attention to it.

And that’s what I aspired to do: to bring attention to this issue and show a simple solution that could be used immediately.

Why do you think Callisto is important?

I believe Callisto is important because it provides a unique resource that survivors can use that they might not find elsewhere. It provides knowledge on how to support a survivor that many people aren’t taught. It allows someone to record their incident under complete privacy — that way they can report their case whenever they are comfortable with it, and don’t have to worry about forgetting details that later on may be important.

It shows different resources within their schools and even how to report to them. This program encompasses several different, individual ways to handle a situation and brings them all together into one place.

Callisto provides survivors with the opportunities and tools while leaving it to them on what they want to do with them.

Any other messages you would you like to share?

I think every school should consider adopting Callisto. This program is absolutely amazing and incredibly unique. It provides as much as any other system will, if not more. It can help identify more cases and repeat offenders.

Although it may catch every single perpetrator, helping just one survivor begins the step to creating a safer campus.

Many thanks to Dakota Helm for chatting with us, and for working to create a safer campus. For more information about Callisto, please contact