100 Words A Day (134)

I’m Back (And in Boulder)

I don’t have many words so i’ll just give you some bullet points to summarize the last months since i’ve been gone.

  • I’m spending a month in Boulder as of three days ago
  • I brought on a co-founder to PubLoft
  • I’ve had some customers churn, and it sucks just as much as you think it would suck
  • It’s been almost four months since we started PubLoft and we’re still in business. Heck yeah!
  • I’m learning that being an adult don’t make you prone to starting a bigger company
  • Running a company is hard as hell, yet just as rewarding

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I’m Mat. I run PubLoft, I am a mover in the Phoenix startup scene, and I have no idea what i’m doing.

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