100 Words A Day (149)

Weekends and WLB

I’ve had a weird view on work life balance lately. I think work life balance is not about working 9–5 M-F and then having time for your life not during that span. It comes down to working when you want to. It’s Saturday, i’ve been working for a few hours, and i’m fine with it. Tomorrow night, Madeline comes home, so i’m probably not going to be working tomorrow night. Tuesday afternoon, I may get tired, not want to work, and nap. Then I may work until 1 AM after that. So, let’s start working when we want to.

I’m Mat. I run PubLoft, I am a mover in the Phoenix startup scene, and I have no idea what i’m doing. If you don’t hit ❤ below, I will take it personally.

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