#CES Day 1: Robert Scoble and ZZZ’s

I’ll tell you the coolest thing first. Spent an hour with Robert Scoble last night. Let me be transparent and say his attention was focussed on us for maybe 4 minutes because he was more interested in the 3d VR camera this man was showing him. But even witnessing his mannerisms was very cool.

I sound like a fanboy right now but let’s be honest, I am one. This picture to the right was taken in a hotel room. Ben Marx and I were in that hotel room. WHO THE FUCK CAN SAY THAT?

Here’s what I learned from those four minutes.

  • I can’t pitch for shit
  • Schmooz shouldn’t target influencers
  • Tech giants are humans too
  • We should be looking to integrate our apps with AI technology.
  • We now know about Highlight, an app that does what we do, but failed. We can examine why
  • Robert Scoble will invite you up to his hotel room if you are in the right place and the right time
  • Take risks.

I got no sleep two nights ago so last night so right after Ben and I finished with Robert, we went home and I hit the hay. Not so eventful. The only thing really to note was Robert. To be honest, I don’t even know why I am telling you this. But I am.


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