How to find a technical co-founder

Mat Sherman
Jun 13 · 2 min read

Most developers know that they are in demand. This is why it’s so hard to find someone eager to work on your idea. The thing is, they probably get approached all the time with ideas from people looking for a developer. They are used to it, so you need to think about what’s going to separate you from the rest of the people with just an idea. Here are four tips pointing you in the right direction.

You should already know each other

When looking for any business partner, you should look to bring someone on who you already trust and know can execute. In business, it’s hard to know if someone will be in it still when things get tough. This is why having someone you already have a relationship with is important. Additionally, just because someone is a developer doesn’t mean they are a good one or work hard. Knowing if someone can execute on a high level before working with them as a co-founder is important.

Use data

Even if you’re already friends, they are going to be wondering what type of business person you are. If you go to them and asking them to work on this amazing idea with you, then it could be an easy no. But if you go to them saying you did 30 user interviews with people you found on LinkedIn and discovered there’s a real market need for this product, it puts you on another playing ground. Do the dirty work before you make the ask. This helps them see you can execute too and are willing to put in the work.

Split your equity evenly

When it comes to equity, make the conversation easy. Give cofounders equal equity, vested of course. If everything goes well, this company will be around for 10+ years. No idea is worth any extra equity points. It’s all about the execution. It also shows that you value their contribution highly, which will help you sell them on being your cofounder.

Be a CEO and sell

As a cofounder CEO, you’re going to be selling all the time. To customers, investors, employees, partners, etc. If you can’t sell, you may as well stop right now. Looking for a technical co-founder is a good litmus test for your ability to sell. Note, you will get no’s. A lot of them. Sales is often about no’s. But none of them matter if you can get the right yes.

Be a startup CEO and get yourself a technical co-founder so you can build a kickass product 🔥

Call Me Mat

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Mat Sherman

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Call Me Mat

A collection of my thoughts on things

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