I Am a Slave to Strangers’ Likes

*Edit…I did it and I feel better/scared. This is why I needed to do it.

I am just going to tell you what I have been feeling for the past ___ years. I think I care more about that people know I am doing X than actually doing X. If I post on snap or Facebook, the amount of times I check to see if someone has liked or viewed it is quite sad.

With a combination of someone with aspirations that I have + someone who is in a very crucial part of his life, social media isn’t just a waste of time for me. It’s venom. It’s a distractor. Not so much the act of going on as much as seeing what other people are doing, then wanting to change what I am doing to what they are doing.

If I silo myself from all of it, I can focus on what I want to focus on with no external threats to those projects.

There are two things I want to focus on right now and refreshing my news feed 80 times a day won’t help me get there. Additionally, I only have so much bandwdith and time in a day. There is no good that social media does other than help me connect with my friends…which is quite a tradeoff. But its worth it for self development.

So I am going to try an experiment that I have failed at plenty of times before.

I am going to silo myself from anything social media related. Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat mainly. It’s going to be hard. I’ll blog about it daily here. But I need to focus and social media has been venom for me forever. I don’t want to be a slave to strangers’ likes and views anymore.

If curious, I will be using the app Cold Turkey to block me from accessing anything on s0cial media. On the hunt for a Facebook bot I can deploy to my personal facebook profile to let people know I wont be responding.

Say hi at mat@matsherman.com or 602–717–0792.

See you next month.

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