I Feel A Little Uncomfortable

Preface: I have always been a fan of transparency, as it it’s important to see all sides of a person, so here we go.

I feel a little uncomfortable when I go to events, introduce myself, and get a response saying “I know who you are”. I feel a little uncomfortable when I look at my calendar for the upcoming week and see a full slate of coffee dates, on top of my full time job. Granted, I initiate a lot of these, but I am not used to having a full calendar simply full of coffee dates. I feel a little uncomfortable when I find myself being the middleman for investors and innovation on the ground floor of Arizona, where I spend most of my time nowadays. Why are these “investors”, whom seemed so high from me just two years ago, people who I often Facebook chat?

I feel a little uncomfortable when I meet people, we talk for some time, then they ask me how old I am again and gasp at the fact I am 23. I feel a little uncomfortable, as I battle with myself, making sure I am doing what i’m doing for the right reasons, not for power, fame, or for a secret agenda. I feel a little uncomfortable building something that actually seems to be of value….because I honestly don’t want to screw it up. I put pressure on myself not to, and it weighs down more often than not.

I’m 23. I feel like i’m still a kid. Maybe I want to feel like i’m still a kid. But the truth is, I haven’t been a kid for a long time. I think the most uncomfortable thing for me is that I know that i’ve deployed .03% of the gas in my tank. That I am capable of so much more. The question is, will I let myself deploy it or will I get in my own way?

I’m a little uncomfortable….but growth happens outside of our comfort zone.

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