I Took a Two Minute Shower Yesterday

I have Tim Ferriss to thank for that

We are all given a body. We are all given the same time in a day to do what we want with that body.

Why is it that some people tend to do more with that time than others. How did Anthony Robbins get to this level when we couldn’t. How did Gary Vaynerchuk get to one of the highest levels in the realm of marketing?

Gary Vaynerchuk

You might say that they were lucky or had outliers that allowed them to to accomplish these monumental feats. You could say they worked hard so they deserved it.

I don’t think any of that is true. It all comes down to two words;

Lifestyle Design.

What is lifestyle design? In short, my definition would be living each ay with intention. Every action that you take, penny that you spend, or time that you waste is all calculated and intentional.

The more intentional your days are and the earlier you decide to make them intentional, the more successful you will be.

Tim Ferriss

I was introduced to lifestyle design when I read the Four Hour Body by Tim Ferriss. For about a month, I didn’t eat white carbs for six days a week. It is called the slow carb diet and I discovered it from Tim Ferris’s book. Something happened to me during that month. I learned that we all only have one body and we all have 24 hours in a day.

I gave up the diet because I was weak. I am still weak but I am stronger than I was. My mind is in the perfect place for lifestyle design to take over everything. Here is how I have slowly been shifting my habits in the last two weeks to align with a better lifestyle design.

  1. Going to bed at 9pm-10pm and waking up around 5am-6am

Why? I am never productive during the night and am always productive during the mornings. I noticed I was leaving 3–4 hours of work on the table by going to bed late and sleeping in every day. I am designing my sleep schedule so I have more intentional hours.

2. Two-Minute Showers

Why? I have short hair. I have fast hands. Why would I spend fifteen minutes in the shower when I could do the same in two minutes? To ensure I do it in under two, I set the alarm on my phone. If I don’t get out within two minutes, it goes off and waked up my roommate.

3. Scheduling My Days the Night Before

Why? Imagine not guessing what you were going to do after class. Imagine knowing what every second of the day is going to look like. Imagine scheduling in social time and scheduling in “me” time. There’s a reason Mark Zuckerberg has a basic wardrobe. It’s so he doesn’t have to think. Life is easier when it’s already planned.

Mark Zuckerberg’s Wardrobe

Two habits I am adding to the routine on February 1st are:

  1. Going Back on the Slow Carb Diet
  2. Keeping a Very Tight Budget

I am going to continue to add habits forever. There is no way to have a perfect day but I will always strive for it. I see many changes coming up in my future. I also see my digital footprint being more in lifestyle design than in digital marketing or business.

Will keep you updated on my progress to experience the perfect day.