Why I’m So Energetic At Events

I’m an introvert. Some don’t believe me when I say that, but I am. being around a lot of people sucks the life out of me, whereas being alone or with one or two people gives me life. This is why, if you met me at a networking event, I was probably overly energetic. Almost uncontrollably energetic. It’s because i’m fairly uncomfortable at events with many people, so I push it aside and use my energy to dilute it.

I would say I act somewhat like a kid at conferences. Very excited. Bouncing around a lot. Saying what’s on my mind. It’s honestly not a very good representation of who I am 90% of the time. This is a powerful tool. It lets me see how these people treat a someone who appears as lesser to them. I totally come off as a newb at these events. I don’t really say who I am or what i’m up to. I care more about the people i’m talking to.

Well, some people treat me just like that, a newb. Then there’s others who feed off my energy and we have a great conversation. The ones who entertain a conversation with this excited kid usually get to find out that i’m more than just an excited kid. For the others, I hope they meet other people who are better worth their time than I was ;)