Firebase is a toolkit developed by Google to support developers and tech teams to build and scale their applications faster. For offering resources like Database, Authentication, Data Analytics, Machine Learning and much more, Firebase is perfect for the tech team to deploy an application without worrying about server configuration. Furthermore, if there is a marketing team, they will be more satisfied with the generated reports provided by the toolkit.

Firebase offers us excellent services for the development and growth of the business, which can be used free of charge with some resources. …

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Hey everyone!

Today I’m going to show you how you can connect your project made in Flutter with Android native code that uses Kotlin as its main language.

For those who still don’t know, it is possible to use native codes coming from the Android operating system (using Java or Kotlin languages) or iOS (using Swift or Objective-C languages) and connect with your Flutter project.

For this, we will use a functionality provided by the Flutter documentation called Method Channel, which is nothing more than an API for specific platforms that provide us the means to connect with the native…

Hey everyone!

Before learning about widgets I strongly recommend learning the basics about Flutter and what it is. If you already know the basics of Flutter or if you have read Leticia’s article, then we can jump right in. Today I am going to demonstrate two Widgets that will be used frequently when you are developing screens and user interfaces in Flutter.

“But hey, what’s a Widget?”

A Widget is a visual component that defines the interface of an application. So it means that everything you see when you create your screen is based on a set of Widgets. When…

This if part two or just another thought I had on the matter, part one is on our website.

I must say it feels good, for me and everyone at Calm Experts. We love it when we finish a project and our client gives us positive response. That is not to say there wasn’t constructive feedback along the way. Generally feedback is extremely helpful for us to improve and make sure the client is satisfied while we are still in the development process. However, a positive reaction at the end lets us know we did our job well.

This is…

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