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Hypertension constitutes one of the deadliest diseases on the planet. While many people don’t die as a direct consequence of high blood pressure, it significantly increases the risk for strokes and coronaries.

Yet, hypertension is often treated sufficiently. The first step in blood pressure treatment is regular monitoring of one’s blood pressure. To assist in this endevour, Blood Pressure Assistant comes to the rescue.

Features & Benefits

Blood Pressure Assistant is an easy-to-use app that helps people with hypertension to log, manage and remember all their blood pressure measurements. The long-term analyses also provide a good oversight for physicians who can be set into the picture via email export.

All features at a glance:
- intuitive and modern user interface
- save blood pressure readings, heart rate, date and related notes
- delete blood pressure readings
- tabular listing of all blood pressure data
- charts on a 5-day, weekly monthly and total base
- export via e-mail (csv-format)
- Apple Health Sync (iPhone only)

Who is it for?

Anyone suffering from hypertension or with an elevated risk of getting hypertension (e.g. stressful job).

How much is it?

Blood Pressure Assistant is available for iPhone on the App Store for 2.99$/2.99€. It is also available in a bundle with Diabetes Assistant.

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