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Around the world, an estimated 415 million people are suffering from diabetes. Even more, being one of the most widespread diseases in the world, diabetes oftentimes forces patients to keep an eye on their blood sugar levels and to monitor or change their nutrition.

Diabetes Assistant assists diabetics in their daily life with diabetes.

Features & Benefits

Diabetes Assistant aims to achieve better awareness for the diabetes disease by providing an easy-to-use diary to keep track of blood sugar levels and carbohydrate intake.

Blood Sugar Diary

The blood sugar diary offers the logging of blood sugar levels as well as graphic analyses.

Carbohydrate Diary

Carbohydrates, or more specifically sugars, play an important role in a diabetic’s life as too much sugar leads to spikes in blood sugar levels. The carbohydrate diary helps diabetics to better stay in control of carbohydrate intake.


Diabetes Assistant puts an end to forgetting important appointments or taking one’s medication through reminders.

Who is it for?

Diabetes Assistant is for all patients with diabetes mellitus I or II.

How much is it?

Diabetes Assistant is available for iPhone on the App Store for 2.99$/2.99€. It is also available in a bundle with Blood Pressure Assistant.

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