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Smartphones have change the way we experience photography and how we capture and share our experiences. With this in mind, camera makers are starting to adapt to their customer’s behavior by offering WiFi interfaces to remote control their DSLR cameras.

GoCamera is a smart camera app for Sony’s Camera Remote interface and makes it easy to take photos in high image quality. The app aims to tackle the weak points of Sony’s PlayMemories app, especially with regard to slow startup and reaction times, limited functionality and immature design.

Features & Benefits

GoCamera aims to solve some of the shortcomings of Sony’s PlayMemories app and offers advanced functionalities for instant photo editing and sharing.


GoCamera can not only be used as a remote control for Sony PlayMemories cameras, but can also make use of the iPhone’s backside and frontside cameras. This enables users to take quick snapshots with the iPhone camera and more sophisticated shots with Sony PlayMemories cameras — which require a WiFi connection to the iPhone.

Advanced Photo Editing

GoCamera offers a full set of photo editing features. Using GoCamera it’s possible to crop photos, apply filter effects, add frames and text to photos and much, much more.

Instant Sharing

It’s never been easier to share DSLR photos. Posting to the most common Social Networks like Facebook or Twitter is just a view taps.

Enhanced WiFi Performance

GoCamera uses a lightweight network configuration to minimize set-up time and enhance WiFi performance when used with Sony PlayMemories cameras. Test showed, for instance, a decrease of start-up time by up to 30%.

Who is it for?

While GoCamera also leverages the iPhone’s manual exposure settings, it is primarily concepted for owners of Sony PlayMemories cameras and thus for amateur and advanced photographers.

How much is it?

GoCamera is available for iPhone and iPad on the App Store for 1.99$/1.99€. It is also available in a bundle with Photo Guru.

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