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Ever since the introduction of smartphones and apps like Instagram, photography has become an ever more integral part to the way we capture and share our experiences. However, while working on GoCamera I came up with one question: does the average camera user actually know what they can do with their devices? No. (I did some research and found that many users actually don’t ever use the advanced features my app was offering to them.) Some of the basic concepts of photography are just too difficult to grasp for novice users. Let’s change that.

Features & Benefits

The aim of Photo Guru is to provide average Joe a better understanding about photography. It thus helps its users to:

  • gain a basic understanding of camera terminology and functionality,
  • learn to use manual exposure settings and what they effect,
  • receive guidance on different camera exposure modes like Aperture Priority and on
  • when to use those and
  • get tips for shooting different scenes like Portraits or Landscapes.

Who is it for?

Photo Guru is made for the novice photo lovers who like to find out more about professional photography. It provides a comprehensive introduction into the subject and lays the foundation for further experimentation.

How much is it?

Photo Guru is available for iPhone and iPad on the App Store for 2.99$/2.99€. It thus ranks far below entry level photography books and ebooks.

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