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Almost everywhere in the world, overweight and obesity is a growing issue. Within just a decade the number of people being overweight grew by an estimated 100% to a total of over 2 billion. This means that today almost every third individual on the planet is considered as overweight.

However, maintaining a but it’s a healthy weight is crucial. Weight loss research has shown that losing weight has many positive effects: One will feel more energized, sleep better, improve the immune system, lower the blood pressure and even increase the sex drive.

Slim helps its users on their journey to reach and keep their desired weight.

Features & Benefits

Slim is a beautifully designed, state-of-the-art weight tracking app for iPhone. It provides the user the possibility to track weight measurements, to set a target weight and a recurring reminder. Slim’s Dashboard gives the user instant feedback on their recent weight development using charts and statistics.

Slim fully integrates with Apple Health and can thus be used to synchronize data from other weight tracking apps and WiFi scales such as Withings Smart Body Analyzer or Fitbit Aria.


Slim provides a quick and elaborate overview of the development of the user’s weight in its Dashboard using charts and statistical values.


Easy-to-use data input forms will assist the user in logging his or her weight. When saving a weight, the app also saves the automatically calculated BMI of the user. A tabular listing of all weight measurements in the app’s Weight Diary allows simple weight and BMI deletion on swipe.

Target Weights

The user will be given the possibility to set a target weight. This information will be utilized in the Dashboard to provide statistical values.


Slim lets one define a recurring reminder. This can e.g. be very useful to be reminded to scale oneself.


Once a target weight or specific benchmarks (e.g. 5 lb weight loss) are reached, Slim will reward the user for his or her endurance.

Apple Health Integration

Slim fully integrates with Apple Health.

Touch ID App Lock

Access to Slim can be restricted using Touch ID.

Who is it for?

Diabetes Assistant is for all patients with diabetes mellitus I or II.

How much is it?

Slim is available for free on the App Store. Some features require an In-App Purchase to unlock.

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