Announcing Caltrix Consultancy

Finally. Bram Haenraets, Tommy Quite & I(Joost Kamermans) are excited to announce the launch of our newly founded company; Caltrix Consultancy.

Caltrix Consultancy is a consultancy firm specialized in digital innovation. We will advise ventures about the latest technological developments in their industry and how to timely adjust and reap the benefits. We will post more blogs soon, among other things, to further elaborate on what we can do for your business.

Our story

Tommy and I have known each other since high school, where we already shared a passion for technology, entrepreneurship & innovation. We both eventually went our separate ways with Tommy ending up in China, and me heading off to the U.S. to study Finance at Wharton.

Upon returning to the Netherlands I first started working at a venture capital firm to then continue my career at the Boston Consulting Group as a strategy consultant. My very first assignment was supporting a large IT transformation for a leading bank in the Netherlands. I experienced the difficulties that come with trying to bring large corporations into motion and turning them into technological frontrunners. Tommy has since fallen deep into the blockchain rabbit hole. He passionately began researching, investing and collaborating whilst being actively contributing to various blockchain projects

Bram and Tommy know each other from the early 2010’s when they both got involved in investing and trading with their own funds. Bram spent most of his professional career in financial markets where he performed research on alternative asset classes for BNP Paribas AM and assisted financial institutions in managing currency risk at Rabobank. It was during this time he got interested in technological innovationand actively started studying, researching and investing.

With a mutual interest and excitement about the impact technology will have on many industries, we started contemplating starting a business together. We believe our complementary backgrounds in strategy consulting, banking & blockchain, varied skillsets and diverse personalities are a strong foundation to build a leading dedicated technology consultancy firm. Lastly, we nurture a growth mindset culture of continuous learning and challenging hypotheses to stay innovative.

We will start by advising companies on the change that is coming to their industry because of technological innovation. We will help companies to identify risks & opportunities, design solutions, develop roadmaps & guide the implementation.

We believe the time to start is now and are absolutely thrilled about the exciting times that lie ahead. Though many great challenges are awaiting, we realize how fortunate we are to embark on this journey and can’t wait to help your business explore the true potential of technology.

Cheers, thanks for reading

PS Special thanks to the Boston Consulting Group, Rabobank & BNP Paribas for their advice and support.

PPS We’re hiring a senior developer

PPPS This will be the first of many more announcements, so follow us if you are interested.

PPPPS. No, we are not going to start a boyband…