Announcing Caltrix

Joost Kamermans
Jun 26, 2018 · 3 min read

Finally, Bram Haenraets and I (Joost Kamermans) are excited to announce the launch of our newly founded company; Caltrix.

Caltrix is a frontrunner in innovation. We invent and build startups with established corporate organizations. By combining the strength of the existing infrastructure with the speed of a startup we believe we are well positioned to create a lasting impact. Participating corporates share our core belief in sustainable innovation, where we only want to create ventures with a positive impact on the world.

Our story

I started my first venture at the Wharton Business School in Philadelphia, a venture dedicated to improving homecare for elderly. Upon returning to the Netherlands I first started working at a venture capital firm to then continue my career at the Boston Consulting Group as a strategy consultant. Here I experienced first-hand how difficult it is to bring a large corporate organization into motion and turn them into innovative frontrunners.

Bram always had a broad orientation during and after his academic career from real estate to finance and sustainability. Among others, he worked on the organisational implementation of a real estate management system, he researched alternative investments at BNP Paribas AM, facilitated risk management solutions for both financial institutions & corporate clients in the Food & Agri sector at Rabobank and has been independently initiating activities & ventures since 2014. His passion lies on the intersection of digital innovation, finance and sustainability.

Bram spent most of his professional career in financial markets where he performed research on alternative asset classes for BNP Paribas AM and assisted financial institutions in managing currency risk at Rabobank. It was during this time he got interested in technological innovation and actively started studying, researching and investing.

With a mutual interest and excitement about the possibilities technology has to offer to change the world for the better, we started contemplating starting a business together. We believe our complementary backgrounds in strategy consulting, banking and entrepreneurship are a strong foundation to build successful digital ventures. Lastly, we nurture a growth mindset culture of continuous learning and challenging hypotheses to stay innovative.

We believe the time to start is now and are absolutely thrilled about the exciting times that lie ahead. Though many great challenges are awaiting, we realize how fortunate we are to embark on this journey and can’t wait to help your business explore the true potential of technology.

Cheers, thanks for reading

PS Special thanks to the Boston Consulting Group, Rabobank & BNP Paribas for their advice and support.

PPS. No, we are not going to start a boyband…


Caltrix enables technological innovation:

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