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NOAA’s water vapor map for the ‘Bomb Cyclone’ of 13 March 2019. A billion-dollar-plus flood followed.

Extreme Weather Has Created a Climate Emergency

Our CO2 cleanup must be big and quick.

The excess CO2 in the air and surface ocean is that greater than its 1800 value, 280 ppm. The excess is the accumulated annual emissions minus what has already been sunk into the ocean depths. Credit: NOAA data.
The annual number of severe windstorms, each of which caused more than US$1 billion in damage. They were mostly tornado clusters and derechos; hurricanes were not counted, so this is about severe inland windstorms.
This averages temperatures over day and night, all four seasons, land and ocean, both Northern and Southern Hemisphere, and over four years. Land, where most of us live, is warming 2.5X faster than the ocean surface since 1984.
The fastest cleanup scenario that I can currently imagine. It assumes we survive the battering in the meantime from extreme weather.



What’s behind the new extreme weather — and what makes it a climate emergency, requiring that we clean up the 50% excess of CO2 in the air overhead.

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William H. Calvin

President, Professor emeritus, University of Washington School of Medicine in Seattle. Author, many books on brains, human evolution, climate