Can I do this? — YES I CAN… eventually.

It’s official. It is week two in this web development journey with my cohort. We’ve decided to call ourselves the Magnificent 7 (only seven of us in the class!). In these first two weeks, we’ve reviewed and learned Ruby core, Ruby inheritance, modules, HTML/CSS, Bootstrap, Rails and of course Git/Github.

Even though this curriculum was designed for someone to be successful in 12 weeks without quitting their day job, I should warn you that it should not be taken lightly. Working full-time, and trying to devote enough time towards reviews and studies have been difficult. Two weeks in, I’m still having trouble adapting to the schedule — been averaging on four-to-five hours of sleep. Just to give you a better picture:

My current schedule (approximately):

Despite all the gripes and groans, my emotions and overall feeling towards the program though has been very positive. Everyone in the cohort *AND* students from other cohorts have been helpful and motivating — all eager to share their experiences. I have good feelings about all of this! Will report back next week!