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Julian Sakowski
Jul 21 · 5 min read

Captain’s Log
(written by the Captain)
June 2021

Synergy of Serra: The first Deckbuilding Trading Card Game

Hey all, it’s the Captain speaking! Wait.. the Captain? … unfortunately our Intern died in an EPIC battle of Serra! 😵 👀 Wait what? No, not really. Andrè supported the journey of Serra for about a year and now he is moving on.

I am personally very grateful that André took part in our journey and brought a lot of creativity, ideas, and sometimes also some funny chaos (😉 💙 ) to this project. We wish André all the best for his future!

More Team News

Also we are looking for hiring two more Developers, you probably know them by now already.

At this point, the Team wants to say thank you for the very overwhelming support, this early on. All revenue is used to 100% to expand the Team and speed up the progress of the upcoming milestones.

High data transmission latencies on Serra

Two other areas got affected by this as well. First of all the higher latencies also affected the core network infrastructure of Serra, the Polygon Mainnet.
It seems like Polygon is picking up even more steam and becoming very popular among basically all kind of Dapps in the space — who hasn’t moved to Polygon chain yet? (Btw, did you know our team uploaded the very first smart contract to the Polygon Mainnet just 20 minutes after it was released back in May 2020?) However, growth in the blockchain space always comes with higher requirements for scalability.

We have noticed that when load on the network is very high, some transactions may be dropped. As a result functionalities like buying crates or depositing them for alpha fame weren’t functioning correctly at some point. The blockchain space is quite young and it comes with many many challenges. That what we are here for, we love to disrupt the card gaming space and at the same time pioneer in the blockchain technology space. We are always eager to build the very best custom blockchain solutions for any issue that arises. We are well prepared for everything to come. By now the issue is fixed for buying crates and deposit will be in the upcoming week. We are now also running our own Polygon Full Node! Thanks 🐺 !

Also, thanks to @BillyGoatArt and @🐠 Bread helping lost Serrans out a lot in this phase. Oh.. Bread for Moderator? Please raise your hand right now to vote for him ✋!

Another very critical security issue affected by the transmission latencies where confidential data leaking to the public. However, in this case the latency was in our favour. Just because the data transmission was very slow at that time, we were able to cut off the data transmission just in time avoiding more of the data being transferred.

Leaked visual data from Crate Facility Hextrict 159

New Payments available

Now supporting Payments on Matic Mainnet
Now supporting Payments on Binance Smart Chain (BSC)

We’ve just released MATIC / POLYGON payments on the Matic Mainnet!
And just two weeks later payments on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) — because why not? Supported coins now also include:

⎔Native Matic ⎔Wrapped Matic ⎔Wrapped BTC ⎔Wrapped ETH ⎔USDC ⎔QUICK ⎔BNB ⎔Wrapped BNB ⎔CAKE 🍰 ⎔ETH ⎔BTCB ⎔BUSD ⎔USDT ⎔USDC ⎔DAI

…we heard somebody asked for Doge Coin? 🐶 Erm.. maybe not..

Sorry Elon! 🚀

Trading on OpenSea!

OpenSea now supports Polygon Assets

As you know, it is technically possible to trade all Synergy of Serra assets from day 1 already!

However, now it’s possible to officially trade Matic assets on the OpenSea marketplace!

OpenSea also just announced:
Polygon trading — We now support gas-free Proof of Stake Polygon (Matic) trading!

Sell! Buy! Trade!
You can find the Synergy of Serra collection right here:

Card Creation

5–2–9 final by Tulio Brito
3–1–5 final by Sam Perin

Also new concepts are in the making…

Concept art by Sebastian


High demand in Transcendent Set Crates

Transcendent Tier III sold out 80%!

Nobody on Serra was prepared for this sudden Alien threat. The Council of the Six is ramping up the supply creation. However, supplies can only be produced in a limited speed… Precious Metals and other ores are being harder to harvest, making the crate supplies harder to assemble.

In Tier IV prices will increase by 25% thanks to the innovative and advanced escalating price algorithm.

The Council of the Six ensures that everybody can fulfil their duty in defending Serra. However, the most prestigious and most honorable citizens of Serra are getting involved already supporting the course of survival with peculiar efforts.

Beautiful Numbers

😍#️⃣ Together we reached >2,900 (+93%) Members in our Community Discord!
😍#️⃣ Together we reached >2,100 (+163%) Serrans collecting Alpha Fame!
😍#️⃣ Together we reached >7,100 (+102%) enlisted Gamers waiting for playing the SoS Alpha!

New or old, thanks for being here with us!
Much love to the best community in the space! 💛

Synergy of Serra

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