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A.G. Rynham
Aug 3 · 4 min read

Captain’s Log
(written by a goat)
July 2021

This month has been all about growth on Serra.

New team members

The Council of Six have scoured the land for supreme talent to come in and help get the Arena Domes online and ensure that they will run smoothly when they are powered up.

It’s great to see the new faces dedicated to helping to find the Sage of Serra.

What a team!

Record-breaking crate sales

Since the beginning of July the demand for crates has soared. Tiers III, IV and V of the Transcendent Crates all sold out, and Tier VI is currently over 58% sold out. The Base Crates have also seen incredible sales with Tier III and IV selling out with over 38% of Tier V sold so far.

This, of course, means that the precious metals, ores, minerals and other resources needed for the manufacture of the crates are becoming more and more scarce. This inevitably has led to an increase in the prices of the crates.

A mech digging for precious metals.

The Council of Six are encouraged by the take-up and apparent enthusiasm around the prospect of competing in the Grand Tournament. Sources indicate that they are happy that so many Serrans are showing great patience by getting involved this early in the process.

Fame bot

As more and more crates are bought and deposited in the Arena Dome holding areas more and more people are sharing the limited Daily Fame and adding to their total Alpha Fame ready to show off their status when the battles commence.

To be able to keep track of your nearest Alpha Fame rivals, Haides from the Discord community, took the time to create a bot that displays sections of the leaderboard on demand. Go and take a look in our Discord, but please keep it to #bot-cmds channel. A great, big, massive, huge thanks to Haides!!

A sample screenshot of the !rank 3 command in #bot-cmds

Serrans hungry for information

Serrans are inquisitive beings, no matter their Faction, as more people join the community in preparing for the search for the Sage of Serra, and ultimately, the greatest challenge Serra has faced, there are many more questions being asked about everything.

In preparation for this the Council of Six have published The Compendium of Serra and have also revamped the #faq channel in the Discord and added an FAQ link to the website.

The Compendium of Serra is the most important document on Serra, if you are not one of 4,700+ views so far then it is highly recommended by The Council of Six that you read it.

It has also been noted how great it is to see fellow Serrans helping each other out with these enquiries, the hope is that this will help the community to grow stronger each day.

Many, many thanks to those, newer or older, community members who take the time to help other. You know who you are.

Discord stickers

If you did not need any more incentive to come and join us in the Discord, then the team have turned some of the gorgeous art into stickers. Aside from the friendly people and the stickers, another good reason to join the Discord is the occasional art leak.

The below are just two examples of some of the very nice surprises that are dropped unannounced into the #general channel. Everyone is welcome, just click this link.

“this won’t hurt a bit…”
Shouty lizard for the win

Beautiful numbers

In just a month:

Our Discord has grown to 6,100 members. That’s up 134%!
Alpha Fame collectors have grown to 5,700. That’s up 171%!
Gamers Enlisted for the Alpha is up to 17,600. That’s up 147%!

These most certainly are beautiful numbers, we can’t wait to see what the next month brings!!


Interesting Topics in Blockchain Gaming, game design…


Interesting Topics in Blockchain Gaming, game design, trading and collectible card games. Join the Journey.

A.G. Rynham

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Interesting Topics in Blockchain Gaming, game design, trading and collectible card games. Join the Journey.