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Do you have a Ghost Crate in your Inventory?

It’s almost time to open your Halloween21 crates.

There is a good chance your crate will be empty.

A quick recap

In the lead-up to Halloween last year, we started dropping some clues that something was going to happen. A leaked image here, a little video there. We also released a two-part short story to set the scene and sneak some clues to the solution under Serrans’ olfactory centers.

13 months later…

As an added twist, we made the crates unopenable for 13 months. However, it is almost 30 November 2022, which is nearly time.

Anomaly Vault

The cards are currently held prisoner in a vault, the Anomaly Vault. The 13 cards are pre-minted in the smart contract, and the following lines of code will decide whether the crate being opened will receive a card or not.

if ( (12 - _discoveredSilverAnomaliesCount) == 
(100 - _regularHalloweenCratesBurnedCount) ||
_getRandomNumber(100, seed) < 12 )
@dev Transfer a silver anomaly if the 12 / 100 chance was hit.
@param recipient The owner of the new anomaly
@param seed The seed which the randomness is based on
function _transferAnomalyIfLucky(address recipient, bytes memory seed)
if (
(12 - _discoveredSilverAnomaliesCount) ==
(100 - _regularHalloweenCratesBurnedCount) ||
_getRandomNumber(100, seed) < 12
) {
MARBOLG_SILVER_BASETYPEID | _discoveredSilverAnomaliesCount,
_discoveredSilverAnomaliesCount <= 12,
"All anomalies have been minted already."

Who are we?

Our vision at Calystral is to unleash the potential of gamers. We are focusing on building games where the time and effort put in is rewarded with real value. Enhancing the players’ experience and empowering gamers to achieve more. In the process, we strive to overcome the technical limitations of Blockchain Technology and use its benefits to lift games to the next level. We would love to share these solutions with the community and other developers. Towards a better future of Gaming!



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