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Get to know us: Marcel D.

One of the founders of Calystral and creator of the upcoming trading card game Synergy of Serra shares a bit about himself.

I know the community is curious to learn more about the people that are always in the top right-hand corner of their Discord screens, so I did a short interview with some of them. Marcel is first up.

The basics

What’s your name and where are you from?

Marcel, Germany.

What’s your role in the team and when did you join?

Chief Obstacle Remover, and I’m one of the founders.

What attracted you to working on Synergy of Serra?

As a founder, it was the thrill of taking on some of the big problems I see in the current game industry. Moving away from a point where players are merely seen as bags of money, to empowering them and unleashing the whole potential that is hidden inside them.

Games are, for me, the best modality for learning. So why not use it to learn things that can be transferred to real life?

Your interests

What’s your favourite book and/or film and/or TV show?

The whole Tolkien universe is my favourite serious fantasy world and Discworld is my favourite non-serious fantasy world; it was created with such love to details. I guess I don’t have a favourite movie/show/book on its own I simply love everything where creative minds came up with a coherent and interesting alternative to our reality.

What is your favourite place on Earth?

Yakushima, a magical, mystical island south of Japan mainland.

What fictional world or place would you like to visit?

All of them!

If you could become an expert in something, what would it be?

Creating environments where people can unfold their full potential and achieve all of their dreams.

What is something that you are proud to have done?

Founding Calystral Games GmbH.

Your childhood

Did you like school?

No! Too much nonsense and inefficient teaching methods from an age past. I have a very specific opinion on this topic, having worked as a teacher myself and spending the last 10 years delving into the psychology of learning and learning/teaching methods.

What was your dream job as a child?

Software-Engineer….. maybe it even was Game Designer which I threw away as an idea at some point seeing more merit in Software-Engineering. So now I’m back and the loop closes itself!

Who was your childhood crush?

Avril Lavigne.

Do you still own any childhood items? If so, what?

Nope. I’m a minimalist, only owning what I use on a daily basis and can carry in my backpack/small suitcase.

Quick-fire nonsense

Cats or dogs?

Depends. Cats have their pro because fluffy and cuddly but they often misbehave. Dogs, but only “real” dogs, the big ones that are happy and loyal beings.

Sweet or savoury?

Depends. A middle ground I guess.

Summer or winter?

Depends. Winter when I can be in a beautiful place with loads of snow and the possibility to go snowboarding. Else Summer because warm, fewer clothes I need to wear.

Multi-verse or universe?

Multi-verse. It would be sad if there was only one version of us.

Mortal or immortal?

Mortal. The joy of life only unfolds through its impermanence.

Who are we?

Our vision at Calystral is to unleash the potential of gamers. We are focusing on building games where the time and effort put in is rewarded with real value. Enhancing the players’ experience and empowering gamers to achieve more. In the process, we strive to overcome the technical limitations of Blockchain Technology and use its benefits to lift games to the next level. We would love to share these solutions with the community and other developers. Towards a better future of Gaming!


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