How the Halloween riddle was solved

A Serran called @dukemc#3034 solved the riddle, here’s how they did it.

A.G. Rynham
Nov 3, 2021 · 4 min read
Rise Up Roken Siblings

After the correct phrase was confirmed in the #riddles-n-contests channel in our Discord, @dukemc#3034 very kindly took the time to explain how he found the hidden phrase in the channel for all to see.

He wrote that he first found the crate on OpenSea, he then proceeded to try a few different things.

Things that i have tried with the first clue:

Download the Image and inverted it and looked into it with a text editor → nothing.

Looked at the contract standard SynergyOfSerraAssets Contract gone trough the Contract Source Code but there was nothing i found.

Second Contract Look at the Read Tab of the Explorer: Tried all possible things in there with the Provided ID of the OpenSea Crate: 57896044618658097711785492504343953927996121800504035873582290433683637665792

Then i stumbled to the metadata site: There I saw that every crate have a metadata and looked at the others and found the animation video but that was a dead end for me. I read the Two Anomaly Parts again and again and spotted something where they said that there are 100 of them.

After that he searched and compared the metadata of the other Synergy of Serra assets. From watching the discussions in the #riddles-n-contests channel, I think that most people tried these things at some point too. There was a lot of talk of metadata, which is why I was reluctant to give out any hints, only encouragement, as lots of you were heading in the right direction.

The key thing that @dukemc#3034 did was to recognise how the metadata worked and, using the Golden Ticket #0 as a reference point, repeated the same pattern of adding to the metadata number.

there was also an information about the Ticket #0 and with all animation information and so i counted upwards the 57896044618658097711785492504343953927996121800504035873582290433683637665792

For example: 57896044618658097711785492504343953927996121800504035873582290433683637665792 + 13 = 57896044618658097711785492504343953927996121800504035873582290433683637665806

It also turns out that a few other Serrans did this exact same thing, but weren’t able to discover the special crate. Importantly, @dukemc#3034 remembered that there were 100 crates from the story and he was prepared to modify the metadata 100 times.

Once he found the specific crate with the hidden phrase on it, he actually solved it in a slightly different way than we had anticipated.

found the Halloween Crate #13 with the picture and text on it — I opened it in the text editor and found some text layers that are also written in on the crate — but 2 of them had the full text — RISEUP ROKEN SIBL INGS but that was not the right answer first I thought it was an anagram, but it was then easier as I thought: RISE UP ROKEN SIBLINGS

We had put the the phrase on the crate in the Serran alphabet, as a small extra step for you all to take. Plus, any message should be written in Serran text, right? But by finding the text layers @dukemc#3034 didn’t need to figure the letters out or search for the Serran alphabet in our Discord: very clever.

Just to highlight how well deserved the win is:

I spend several hours with the contracts, the first picture and the missing animation video.

We, the team at Synergy of Serra, are so happy to have seen how the community reacted so positively to the challenge. It is also fitting then, that @dukemc#3034 was working with another Serran to solve to puzzle. All Serrans are working together to save the planet from the impending destructive alien threat after all.

Shout out to my friend @blacktuxx#9193 we worked together to solve this riddle

We want to build a kind, caring and friendly community, that is the Serran way. During this riddle you showed that we have some very sturdy foundations to build on. Everyone that took part should be very proud of themselves.

It’s us or them.

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Interesting Topics in Blockchain Gaming, game design, trading and collectible card games. Join the Journey.