New Alpha Fame Distribution System

Base Set, Transcendent Set, & Virtuals Set will all collect from their own pool of Alpha Fame.

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Essential information

  • Alpha Fame distribution for Virtuals Set crates is live.
  • Each asset eligible for Alpha Fame will collect from its own pool.
  • Initially, the Virtuals Set pool will be smaller and then increase.
  • We want the size of the pools to reflect the average price of a crate.

Virtuals Set collects Alpha Fame

Alpha Fame distribution for the Virtuals Set crates launched today, and this changes how much Alpha Fame everyone will receive.

We recently upgraded our Alpha Fame smart contract. We did this for a few reasons, which you can read about here. In the article, I also mentioned how the distribution of Alpha Fame would change as we move to a pooled system.

Alpha Fame until now

Until now, the total 10 million Alpha Fame per week was divided between all deposited crates. There was a weight of 2:1 given to the Transcendent Set crates compared to the Base Set crates, so the Transcendent Set crate would collect double the amount of Alpha Fame as the Base Set crates to reflect the higher average cost to buy them.

From now on, however, each asset eligible for Alpha Fame will draw its distribution from a ring-fenced pool. The ratio of 2:1 Transcendent to Base is maintained, but the ratio now refers to its pool, so the Transcendent Set pool is double the size of the Base Set pool.

For example, if all the unopened Transcendent Set crates were deposited for Alpha Fame, then the ~260,000 crates would share from a pool that is two-thirds of the total Alpha Fame. While at the same time, if all the Base Set crates were deposited for Alpha Fame, those 400,000 crates would share from a pool that is one-third of the total Alpha Fame.

This would mean that the deposited Transcendent Set crates would collect more Alpha Fame per crate than the Base Set crates, both through the larger-sized pool and the fewer crates to share the pool between.

Rain of Thorns by Gregory Grigorev from the Base Set.

Virtuals Set Alpha Fame Schedule

Now that the Virtuals Set crates are eligible for Alpha Fame, an extra pool has been added to the Alpha Fame distribution.

Ultimately, we feel the pool sizes should reflect the average crate prices. As the Virtuals Set and Transcendent Set have a similar average price per crate, we want a ratio of 2:1:2, two-fifths for the Transcendent Set crates, one-fifth for the Base Set crates, and two-fifths for the Virtuals Set crates.

However, considering at the time of writing, there are ~4,600 Virtuals Set crates and ~260,000 Transcendent Set crates that could be deposited for Alpha Fame. It would mean that, per deposited crate, the Virtuals Set crates would collect much more Alpha Fame than the Transcendent Set crates.

We didn’t think it was appropriate to have the Virtuals Set crates collect so much more Alpha Fame per deposited crate. So, we decided to implement a schedule where we will change the ratio every month until we have reached 2:1:2, two-fifths for the Transcendent Set crates, one-fifth for the Base Set crates, and two-fifths for the Virtuals Set crates.

Transcendent : Base : Virtuals

Stage 1 | 62 : 31 : 2 | 3 April
Stage 2 | 50 : 25 : 2 | 3 May
Stage 3 | 38 : 19 : 2 | 3 June
Stage 4 | 26 : 13 : 2 | 3 July
Stage 5 | 14 : 7 : 2 | 3 August
Stage 6 | 2 : 1 : 2 | 2 September

Therefore, starting now at Stage 1, the Alpha Fame distribution will be split as 62 parts allocated to deposited Transcendent Set crates, 31 parts to deposited Base Set crates, and two parts to deposited Virtuals Set crates.

The size of the pools available to Base Set and Transcendent Set crates will shrink over the next six months. However, in the end, the size of the pools will reflect the average crate price for each set without creating too much of a disparity of how much each Alpha Fame you can collect between the crate sets.

Furthermore, as the Virtuals Set has a maximum supply of two million, we are confident that the Base and Transcendent Set crates will retain their importance for Alpha Fame and will collect more Alpha Fame per crate than the Virtuals Set.

Astrakos by Humble Squid Creatives from the Base Set.

The desire for fame tempts even noble minds.

We feel that this schedule helps to maintain the importance of the Base Set and Transcendent Set crates in the ecosystem while still allowing Virtuals Set crates to collect Alpha Fame in low numbers.

Additionally, as the exact amount of Alpha Fame per deposited crate will depend on both the size of the pool and the current supply of crates, we could see some interesting situations arise for those who want to maximize their Alpha Fame.

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