Synergy of Serra: Pre-Sale Coming Soon!

Julian Sakowski
Jul 20 · 3 min read

Time is ticking! Synergy of Serra releases its Crate Pre-Sale on
August 3rd, 2020.

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Synergy of Serra TCG

First time reading about Synergy of Serra?

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Synergy of Serra TCG: Cards

Synergy of Serra shapes a new game genre, merging classic Strategy Card Games with the infinite game experience possibilities of Deckbuilder Card Games. Become the leading commander of Serra and join the six factions of biologic and mechanic creatures in the defense of the planet Serra from an alien threat!

Crate Pre-Sale

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Base Set Crate & Transcendent Set Crate

There will be two different types of Crates. The first are Transcendent Set Crates, which contain cards from the fifth faction of Serra, the Transcendents. The second are Base Set Crates, which contain cosmetics, higher quality cards from the base set.

All crates are Fungible Tokens on the Matic Network, limited to 400,000 of each type and are tradable from day one! Pricing starts from $2 for Transcendent Set Crates and $1 for Base Set Crates. The price escalates depending on how many crates of each type are sold already, supporting our early adopters!

Cards — Scarcity and Anatomy

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Each crate contains 6 cards with different drop chances, scarcity in two dimensions. There is the Rarity dimension (Common 70%, Rare 24%, Epic 5%, Legendary 1%) and the Quality dimension (Painted Metal 84%, Bronze 10%, Silver 5%, Gold 1%).

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Anatomy of a Card

All card will be Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs — ERC1155 Standard) having their Quality, Rarity and value secured by Blockchain.

Crate Opening Event

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Single card from a Crate opening example

Crates can be traded from day one but not opened until unlocked in the Crate Opening Event. Because of our great demand for perfection regarding our cards, we wish to finish all card illustration before unlocking the crates, hence the cards.

What should I do until the Pre-Sale starts?

Become a Tech-Pioneer by being one of the first to sign-up at Synergy of Serra.

Win free Crates already by participating in our daily giveaways, community riddles and weekly invite challenges in the Synergy of Serra Discord Server and through our Twitter Channel.

What makes Synergy of Serra a special TCG?

Play-to-Earn: Start for free with 90 unique cards, full access to all features, and earn money by winning seasonal ranked games.

Skill-To-Win: There used to be hardcore games, now again!

Infinite Game Experience: Your card deck and strategy evolve and changes every turn through deckbuilding mechanics resulting in endless unique battles.

Trading Experiences: Trade and exchange all in-game assets for real money through true ownership on the blockchain.

No Entry Barrier: Your grandma is playing it already! No wallets, no plugins, no fees required.

Who are we?

We are Calystral, a team of game developers that set out to unleash the potential of gamers. We are focusing on building games where the time and effort put in, is rewarded with real value. Enhancing the players’ experience and empowering gamers to achieve more. In the process, we strive to overcome the technical limitations of Blockchain Technology and use its benefits to lift games to the next level. We would love to share these solutions with the community and other developers. Towards a better future of Gaming!


Join our journey:

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