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A.G. Rynham
Nov 1 · 4 min read


This week The Serra Chronicle has brought you some dramatic exclusives. The fact the leaks from inside the munitions dump came to us shows how valued our independence is as the number one publication on Serra.

Unfortunately, this conspiracy runs deep and we are struggling to make in-roads into the mystery, therefore, we are calling on all Serrans to work together to find out what is going on: why are the crates seemingly being dumped? why are they that colour? why was one seemingly animated? where are they? how can we find them? and most importantly, who is behind this phenomenon?

Good luck, Serrans. I know you will get to the bottom of it.

Still from the hacked video feed.


This image was secretly broadcast as part of a video by an independent hacker, we believe it’s the same Serran as in previous hacked images. Here’s the accompanying message:

i steered th̵͛͘ē̵̕ hijacked surveillance drone cl̵͂͋ose to a do̸͒͝rmant crate and it suddenly moved! A few of them are behã̵̔v̵̂͒ing this way all of a sudden! Serra, what i̶̋̓s going on?

Following this incident, our sources inside the Council of Six have indicated that security will be reviewed and heightened. We do not know if the hacker is working alone or in a group, but we do know that they are very talented. However, it seems they will have to up their game if they are to infiltrate the system again.


The extraneous group known only as Steam made comments recently about whether they would facilitate the war effort by helping to provide access to Arena Domes. After previously being onboard with the Preparations, they made more guarded comments indicating that they may not be as supportive as previously thought.

Steam would have been useful to help transport many of the 12 billion Serrans in more remote regions of Serra to the Arena Domes. However, in light of this news, the Council of Six released a statement where they made it clear that Serrans would be able to easily reach their nearest Arena Dome no matter the position of Steam. The statement read:

Our plan was always to have self-managed transport options in place for Serrans. This has been our approach since the start, and this news changes nothing with regard to this. Steam would be a good way to help people participate in the Arena Domes and we will be monitoring the situation because of this, but it does not hinder our ability to deliver The Grand Tournament in any way.”

Inside the council chambers


The Council of Six recently announced the newly filled position of Enlisted Community Liaison Manager. This role will operate at a variety of levels; providing support and resources to the enlisted, being a link between the enlisted and the Council, and developing communities within the enlisted.

The incumbent is said to be delighted with their appointment and has already hit the ground running with their tasks both inside the council chambers and with the enlisted.

: there is still time to enlist for the Arena Dome testing and early rounds of The Grand Tournament. You simply need to create an account on If you already have an account you are enlisted.

!rank in #bot-cmds


There is always movement on the Fame rankings. Let us take a look at the latest Fame-ous Serrans.

We have a new №1 ranked Serran for Alpha Fame, congratulations to mask man!

As you can see though, there is a lot of variety in the amount of Daily Fame and Alpha Fame that people have. In addition, you can now see usernames added to the leaderboard. If you wish to verify your account with our Discord to have your name in lights too, simply head to #bot-cmds channel and read the pinned messages.


This month we have added a widget to the website, meaning that, no matter which page you are on, you will have quick access to our support platform. We also made some minor website updates at the same time, including to the roadmap…


Did you spot the Easter egg in our latest website update? There has been discussion on what it means, some ideas have been accurate and some not. What do you think it is?

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Interesting Topics in Blockchain Gaming, game design…


Interesting Topics in Blockchain Gaming, game design, trading and collectible card games. Join the Journey.

A.G. Rynham

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Freelance Messari Crypto Hub contributor & Community Manager for the Synergy of Serra blockchain card game. I have ME/CFS but I'm slowly rehabilitating.


Interesting Topics in Blockchain Gaming, game design, trading and collectible card games. Join the Journey.