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The Serra Chronicle | Vol.22 №.02

Heralding news from hextricts all over Serra || 1CR

A Dal’Ra fortress city


The Council of Six published detailed information about the Dal’Ra this month. The addition to The Compendium of Serra came alongside a press release stating that the Council of Six wants to bring the Factions closer together in defence of the planet. One tool they want to use to do this is information.

By publishing information about every Faction on Serra, the aim is to help all Serrans learn about their fellow Serrans and increase understanding, empathy, and unity in the face of this terrible threat.

Many commentators on the Grand Tournament believe that to become the Sage of Serra, detailed knowledge of each Faction and their constituents will be necessary. The Council of Six spokesperson did not respond to our question on this in time for publication, however.


A small leak has come into our hands. Judging by the background, it appears to show an item highlighted in what might be an inventory-type setting. Curiously though, we currently have no idea what the numbers in white below the item could mean.


We have been working the back channels hard and have acquired new information from Council of Six insiders. This new information is much more granular in form, and this is credit to our dedicated staff for stepping up their efforts to squeeze information out of their contacts.

They provided the details with caveats that items on the table will change as the information flows change and as the significance and relevance of the tasks at hand change.

We confirmed our new table with one of our anonymous sources who said:

“…don’t forget: there are more tasks than this that need to be completed, just as there are more tasks that have been completed that are not featured here…”

The source also reiterated that the Council of Six would be providing more information on things like scarcity, unlocking tests, and the choices involved in opening crates in the weeks and months to come.


Work continues on the Crate Unlocking Event, and the Council of Six continues to unveil a selection of the tools, weapons, and troops that will be available to competitors in the Grand Tournament.

So far, 13 out of the 34 Units, Attachments, and Powers contained within the Transcendent Set crates have been released in the #card-reveal channel in our Discord.


We have had word that all the 353 comments from the community survey have been read and analysed. Work continues on the Ask Me Anything document that will come out of those questions and comments left in the survey.

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