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The Serra Chronicle | Vol.22 №.03

Heralding news from hextricts all over Serra || 1CR

What could these be?


The Council of Six has published responses to hundreds of Serrans’ comments and questions, making for a long read. The additional page in The Compendium of Serra covers over 30 topics, often with more than one question covered in each topic, making it quite a long but worthwhile read.


Since the munitions crates sold out, black market activity has been steady. It’s said that bargains can be found for the more wheeler-dealer Serrans if you know where to look.

Serrans have mostly been taking to dark alleys and abandoned buildings to conduct their trades. Unfortunately, this method occasionally still results in criminal acts every now and again, despite the attention of a dedicated group of Serrans who patrol the sketchier parts of Serra looking to safeguard these trades.

Recently, however, the Council of Six has now managed to secure an official secondary marketplace for the crates to be traded. The special nature of the crates has meant that it took a while for this organization to put appropriate safety measures in place. Now they have, though, and all Serrans can trustlessly trade using OpenSea.


We continue to work the back channels hard; our Council of Six insiders are proving to be reliable sources. The table below shows progress from the last update, but it’s still difficult to estimate a time when the Council will be ready to announce the Crate Unlocking Event.


The three most Fame-ous Serrans are way out in front, but it looks as though the rest of the most Fame-ous Serrans are all within touching distance of each other. Can you see your name?

Alpha Fame ranks, Total and Daily Fame from our Discord server.


EDITOR’S VIEW: Grachech, Editor-in-chief
As the Ask Us Anything page is quite long, we have gathered a few nuggets of information that we found interesting from the document.

“We have a fully designed concept for our ecosystem which could feature our own cryptocurrencies, liquidity pools, and NFT rewards, amongst other things.”

The Council of Six still haven’t 100% confirmed these features, but the fact that they have been mentioned specifically here is significant in this writer’s opinion.

“We are looking at ways in which we could reward those Serrans who have been patiently holding crates for a long time as an acknowledgment of how much we value your support.”

Again, this isn’t confirmed, and there are no details on how it might work, but this is new information. The final gem I’d like to pull from the document will really speak to those Serrans who love collecting things.

“Inspired by the sticker album we used to collect as children, one idea we are playing with at the moment is to be able to earn a reward, possibly crafting materials or Fame, if a card collection is full.”

Rest assured, Serrans, this publication will continue striving to bring you the best news from Serra.

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